Mies van der Rohe Farnsworth House, Alessandro Prodan (3D)


You are a killer… there aren’t enough stars to mark this masterpiece of yours…


Great work !


I could have sworn it was rendered with vray.

Please stop to think vray is only the good render out…

there is a lot more now capable of realistic stuff like this…


Wow, great render! So realistic. Some nice choices for camera views.


adorable wonderful but i wonder wt is the system ( ur computer ) u work on can u explain plz?
5 stars


OMG…It is a gods work!!
It is the greatest CG image I had ever seen. a 10 star work, right ?


What should i say … ?? Master peices 5 Stars … Thanks for sharing … :slight_smile:


oh my god what i see

amazing gob u dont forget any thing u a great :bounce:

very good work

good luck 4 ever :applause:


Really amazing work Marla, you’ve got some serious skill.
I wonder, how much RAM do you need to be able to work with that much geometry and to render it?


Incredible… I first thought it was April fools joke… no words… :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:


That is just jaw-dropping :surprised

I would like to know that as well… what kindof system must you have to work with such a scene… wow!



I am speachless!:buttrock:


Your work blows me away, really nice work on lighting and material, I am very appreciate you show us those amazing images and how you did it, thank you, so looking forward to see more form you.


Nice job /thumbsup!


incredible work!
If i could’ve given 7 stars, i’d do it :slight_smile:
This thread is worth more than five stars in comparison with other 5 star threads.
I thought that it would just be photographs, it’s so incredibly realistic!


just like everybody said, amazing work, congratulations on such a fine work, 5 * for sure :slight_smile:


wo ////That is amazing, I cant believe that,


U have my absolut respect cool images absolut nice grass and trees Keep it up.


Amazing work .
what is your system config.


Thats simply incredible. :eek:
More info please on Workflow and System Configuration.