Mies van der Rohe Farnsworth House, Alessandro Prodan (3D)


just wondering where the tutorial is?


As far as I know, Alessandro has vanished in the fourth dimension. I’ve been searching for him on the net but this page is the most recent sign of him, for what I’ve found. Too sad, hope to see more from him someday!


Alessandro has vanished in the fourth dimension.

so funny :smiley:


It’s a pitty that the author of that kind of work has been dissapeared… But I still believe that some day he come back again and tell us how he reached the result like this. (As for me the PaintFX workflow - is the most interesting stuff in this work).


Too bad he’s not around. After all these years I still have hope to learn from him in such a way…


I think you’ve crossed the uncanny valley of landscape representation. This is perhaps the most realistic rendering I’ve ever seen. Alex Roman would love this. Alex is quite famous for his architectural renderings and animations.


For me as well. Back when I first saw this, it completely changed my idea of what PaintFX are capable of. Even the best Maya books don’t get anywhere near this level of quality with the PaintFX.

But it is really funny how this guy has disappeared! Has anyone heard from him?

Btw, Does anyone know of a good book or video on Maya’s PaintFX?


The first enigmatic fact is that MarlaS never got an award for this stunning work, maybe that pissed him off and he went away from cgsociety because of that. Sad he did not post something new here since Farnsworth House, even MasterZap said he was “proud” of that work, that it was showing offthe capabilities of mia_x and mental ray, that was good and stuff…
At least he posted wireframes in this thread, I didn’t believe it myself the first time I saw this.


Alessandro is alive and well. :slight_smile:
He work. The fact is he busy from work.
He is certainly not disappointed that did not have a “Best of” (which would have given him more than many other jobs that are not to be “best of”)


Can we hope that he will share his paintFX techniques with us in future or it will stay a secret? :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that. I got a little nervous, thought maybe he had fallen into some foul play at the hands of some jealous CG artist!


I’m only seeing these images now at the end of 2011 and this is still easily some of the greatest 3D I’ve ever seen. Well done Alessandro, brilliant stuff!


It would be fantastic if you made a small tutorial explain your techniques. :hmm:


Not to answer for the author, but it did this when it was amazingly hard to, something like Top 5 work of this moment. Since this we have easiest tools, so rules are not the same. I remember he talked about 3D Objects Painting, it wasn’t available in all 3D package at that time.
Respect forever :slight_smile:


its not an enigmatic fact. he failed to make yet another generic half naked chick holding a sword and swinging her tits all over the place while wearing an armored thong. That is afterall, what CG talk is about. All that matters is that people who know their stuff, respect this work. Duncan gave him props too. To me thats worth 1000x any awards from here.


You’ve told all about your so called secrets and I just can say, WOW man, So What The Hell Am I Doing???.. :banghead:
You Are A COMPREHENSION Shader, Of Course For Mental Ray :hmm:


Good Job. How do you make it.


Gr8 work… How many polys in a scene???



@animationtutorial - I think earlier in the post he stated 900,000,000 polys as all the plants and trees are CG.

Amazing work.


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