Mies van der Rohe Farnsworth House, Alessandro Prodan (3D)


Title: Mies van der Rohe Farnsworth House
Name: Alessandro Prodan
Country: Italy
Software: After Effects, Maya, mental ray

Here is my last personal work: Mies van der Rohe - Farnswort House

I started this reproduction to challenge my limits and my preconceptions, I spent several time studyng botany and techniques to represent it, light and composition.
I’m really happy to see it finished.

Rendered in maya using Mental Ray, all plants and vegetation are poly Paint Effects.

I hope you appreciate it.
Critics and Comment are welcome.

Best regards



please how did you get your work posted on the gallery thanks


Man…all this CG?

IF YES, one of the best works i ´ve ever seen in this gallery!

the vegetation is really amazing and impressive!!!

could you share the wireframes…and tell us a bit of how to get this realistic in this vegetation?



Is This CG !!

Awesome work man

i can’t believe you did all that in paint effects

congratulations *****

By the way How much is your poly count ??


This is incredible! How many render passes do you have for each image? I don’t think Maya could survive if you render everything in one pass.


OH MY! This is just, well um…perfect I think. Its most likely the most realistic environment piece I’v seen to date.

Now an animated fly through would just be heart stopping :smiley:

5 stars


Super lighting work!! The grass oh my… you have to share your secret :slight_smile:


Man, this is perfect…


This is very beautiful! If possible, I would also like to see some wires.


amazing work…
how many poly have this scene??


The background vegetation can’t be possibly CG :cry:. If yes this would be the most photoreal piece i’ve ever seen. A wire view would be cool :slight_smile:


All the images look like photos. Congratulation on such amazing work. 5 Stars for sure! Could you please share with us some of your techniques?


Fantastic work, I’m really impressed!
I’ve never seen CG vegetation this photorealistic before! 6 stars! :lightbulb :lightbulb :lightbulb :lightbulb :lightbulb :lightbulb


This is really awesome, and should definitely be featured. This really pushes the limits of CG photo-realism. What really amazes me is that you were able to get a render like this out of mental ray. This looks better than a V-Ray render! I guess its the skill of the artist, not the tools that he uses. I would to hear a little about the lighting and rendering setup if possible. Great render, really inspiring. :drool:


OMFG! That is just incredible. I know that house well, and you have it perfectly. Like everyone else I’m practically beside myself wondering how you got the vegetation so life-like. Please, a few hints at least!

BTW, I have some good friends from Lake Como. I would like to be there now myself.


Which parts are cg and which are real? Please post a wireframe. Lighting and compositing on this piece is so far the BEST I ve ever seen done in 3D. If this is 100% computer generated image without photos then I am just getting goose bumps by looking at this. So real its unreal!


I can see that an Award is flying towards you! So sit still!

Great work! I could have sworn it was rendered with vray. You inspire us all. Now give us some wires and scene info!


good job is very very beautiful . i like it


I really could not believe this is the CG work, unless you provide the wire-frame map.


Thank you at all for your words, I appreciate a lot.:bounce:

Yes, all are 3d plants and poly count is 900,000,000 triangles

I render all images in one pass, mr sky&sun and final gather multibounce, AO + color bleed, esposure control with mr.exposure.photographic and linear workflow (gamma 2.2), all plants and grass are paint effect poly converted.

Some wires: