Mielikki - Lady of the Forest, Riikka Riekkinen (2d)


Title: Mielikki - Lady of the Forest

Name: Riikka Riekkinen

Personal work inspired by and loosely based on a Finnish forest goddess, Mielikki. As it is summer, I wanted to paint something green and bright.

She is a goddess of forest and hunt, as well as an adept healer. She is the protector of the woods, and one must behave well when entering her forest. I wanted to portray and design her thinking about her as a character/personality and also what skills she would use. She can summon spirits of wild animals to aid her, and as her physical weapon she uses a bow with magical arrows. She rules over the forest with her partner and spouse Tapio, king of the forest. She is described to wear a blue cape, so I included that into her design.