Despite knowing that I won’t have time to finish, I simply can’t resist. After all, I’m Middle Earth’s sole aknowledged parasitologist. So what, you say?

Well, most parasites are invisibly suffered. They are omnipresent only to their victims. Two I’d like to suggest for this challenge:

  • the gandalf worm
    This worm is actually a hydra. it’s victims - trolls. It is also very rare, which is fortunate because it forms nueral clumps at the top of the victim’s spine which in effect form a brain. THis brain’s intelligence easily surpasses that of the troll’s and so has an easy time of convincing it what to do. It can become so intelligent that it can master strategy and sometimes even magic.
    You can imagine the surprise of experienced human or elvish warriors when attacking a presumably imbecilic troll!

Should you think the gandalf worm a symbiotic creature instead of a parasite, I can assure you that the troll does not benefit by hosting this creature. The hydra grows arms to the troll’s genitals, converting them into its own nursery while rendering the troll sterile.

  • the wight crab
    actually, it’s speculation to call this a crab. It has eight crabbish legs, but it could as easily be taken for a sponge. This parasite is singular in its infamy - though hardly a single inhabitant of middle earth knows it by name. It began its spread in the battlefields of Middle Earth after the fall of Sauron. It seeks out and enters the bodies of ill and wounded - be it human, animal, elf or orc - and immediately replaces the nervous and circular sytems with silvery tendrils and a fungus-like secretion. Once the host’s body is stabilized, it forms a neural center in some protected region - usually in the chest - which effectively takes over control of what is now a non-corpse. The unfortunate host is now nothing more but a passive back-seat passenger in his own body. The wight crab communicates with others of its kind using spores and odors. While it is difficult to speak of an intelligent culture, the wight crabs are more than capable of raising and coordinating an army of the apparently dead.
    Ignorant of its existance, most inhabitants do believe in the legend of undead and necromantic sorcery. The latter of which leads back to individuals - usually chemists - who have learned to communicate with the wights and use them to their own purposes.

    :stuck_out_tongue: Drawings forthcoming.
    Will remain 2D at any rate - what do y’all think?


I forgot to mention:
because the wight crabs form their neural clusters elsewhere, cutting off the head of a host won’t do squat! The thing will just thrash about a few seconds until tendrils sprout it simply smells you down.

On the other hand, a single sip of dwarvish ale can kill it in a second.


both really cool ideas Dobermonk I think I would want to see the Gandalf worm ilustrated more. :thumbsup:


Comon pal…we wanna see some sketches…this sounds so great!!!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

I stay tuned!!!:beer:


Really interesting concepts. Can’t wait to see some sketches of these. :beer:


Thanks for the comments!

I started some doodles, but then figured my ‘environments’ are existing creatures of Middle Earth. So stylistically I’d like to get very realistic - in keeping with the incredible visuals and concept work that the Weta team has come up with.

I’ve taken what time I’ve got and forsted through the web. I’m basically taking lo-res pics and painting over them, so the pallettes will be realistic. I’d like to show the various stages, because as a Gandalf worm attacks the troll - its a veritible troll nightmare.

After it enters the troll, it’s everyone’s nightmare, but its not as visible as its host. I figure it sheds its armour, except maybe for a platelety that remains on the nape of the troll’s neck, protecting the things breathing apparatus.

After a Friday deadline I’ll have a few days to work on it.


soundds awesome dobermunk. I’d hate to have something growing larvae in me mister biggies!:surprised




Bist Du schon am skizieren?

For ya non germanspeakers:

Are ya sketching allready?




For y’all German-speakers:



What do each of the words mean? Like exact translation?


Yes gamoron!:beer:


Does skizieren mean sketching?
dobermunk stop arbeit and get some sketches up here!


Here is the Gandalf worm in its pre-adult phase. It lies in wait for a troll to eat its staple diet of mushrooms, (meat is its favortite dish but not its staple). It mimics an insect that eats the mushrooms and tastes alot better (at least to the troll).

Next: What it looks like inside the troll.


I didn’t expect this. Looking good. Are you going to make your image a montage of images?


Yeah, it’s basically a collage. I hope that’s not cheating :hmm:
I wanted to play around with it. All material is from various sources around the web. The wight crab will be more of a creation than the worm. Featuring Frodo as a wandering corpse.

I’ve done scribbles but figured that the LOTR is so dominant visually that I’d work within it. If the challenge were to allow the existing characters I’d probably do a design of gollum that’s more stylized than the realism in the movies.


Cool, can’t wait to see it. I don’t think montages are cheating, unless of course you said you’d drawn it. :beer:


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