Microsoft releases Windows XP Service Pack 2


“The free upgrade is designed to make users safer from cyberattacks by sealing entries to viruses, better protecting personal data and fending off spyware.”


They don’t seem to have an option to download the executable version… my Windows XP machine isn’t connected to the internet so what am I supposed to do? How annoying.

Then again, since this is mostly a security update, I don’t think I’ll bother anyway.


i think the final release isn’t quite out yet. they have just removed the RC2 in anticipation of the final release, so it won’t be very long until there is an executable for us all to download in our masses.

[sarcasm] how exciting! [/sarcasm]


SP2 == dumb and/or lazy users patch.

I for one won’t be updating to SP2 anytime soon. At least not until the probable major bugs and incompatibilities are fixed. Lets not forget about the little bugs that don’t get fixed (SP1 anybody?).


For me XP is a gimmick for us to ‘test’ it first but. I find out XP using a lot of patches compared to poor 95 and that is why 98 / 98 SE version came out because it was in a stable state last time i remembered. My 2 cents.


I had a not so good experience with the SP 2 betas, basically had to wipe my drive after installing it. Most apps failed, but it could have just been a bad hair day. :slight_smile:


from the CNN article

Microsoft senior product manager Matt Pilla said virtually all Windows XP users will be able to download Service Pack 2, regardless of whether they have a legal or pirated copy of the operating system. …

Hehe! That’s funny!

On a side note…something really freaky just happened. I was reading the CNN article after seeing this thread and right at that time there was announcement about the Service Pack on my local rock radio station! How coincidental is that? The DJ mentioned something about a $40 fee but I doubt that’s true since M$ is providing it free- as it should be for any patch to their less than secure o/s.


that’s odd - RC2 has worked fine for me.


yeah, I was kinda surprised myself. Never had trouble with a service pack before. Mind you, I went through a phase of installing every kind of gadget you can think of, sidebars, themes, and had done a ot of tweaking to XP. So I’m thinking somethnig wasn’t too happy about the changes in sp2.

I’ll prpbably install the final SP 2 later on, see what others have to say about it.


Didn’t like RC2 either. Not going to install it unless it’s a dramatic improvement over RC2. It slowed down the computer by a wide margin as well. Plus the new firewall was a major pain. Plus more RAM usage. Plus slower boot up time. The problems far outweight the benefits. The only benefit I see is the NX instruction for the Athlon 64s. SP2 certainly is a major overhaul, just don’t know how many things broke with the changes.


Windows XP Service pack 2 is a must. Several major problems that are used by many trojean and viruses are fixed, as well as many other bugs in the operating systems that are only available through Microsoft tech support requests. The Service Pack doesn’t make your computer slower or install weird things, it tightens up the operating system a lot in terms of security.

This breaks a few applications that were using network in a way that should not have been allowed under a secure operating system. It’s a bold move - it’s much easier to do nothing and avoid any complaints - and good thing. It is the applications that must be patched, not the OS be loosen to allow rogue applications.

The service pack will be also available on CD Rom at computer stores, and you will be able to order it for free from microsoft.


i dont mind it so far. but… it does use a lot more ram now. and apps like houdini fail to install. maybe they need to upgrade their install shield to work with sp2. who knows.

i do hope their new virus protection stuff will help though, because the isp im on at the moment is kinda crappy for letting a lot of viruses through.and you dont have to do anything. just leave your pc on while sleeping and when you wake up you got 2-5 new viruses :). so if this new service pack will stop that from happening ill be happy.


Yes SP2 upgrades Microsoft Installer from 2.0 to 3.0.


I work as an IT support guy, maintaining about 800 computers and a dozen servers. I can see this update will be very good for home users, but am not so convinced it is a worthwhile update for organisations.

Personal firewalls are irrelivent when you’ve already got them set up at a gateway. From my experience of the average computer user, if you get lots of popup boxes asking them to confirm something, they’ll invariably click ‘ok’ no matter what the message! For me and the people I work with, it’s going to take a fair amount of testing and applying group policy adjustments to ensure that it all works in the way we need it to.

It’s an interesting move of Windows development, that ironically is making the admin side of computing more and more technical. The only real upside of alot of MS’s default settings, is that it forces you to learn about settings that you never would have bothered with if you hadn’t been spending all that time trying to get something to bloody work! It’s about time MS looked into making an enterprise edition of their workstation platform, or created a distrubution customization package that was available to all. I reckon it would be cool if they extended the sysprep files capabilities to include policy and preference settings, and made it convenient to repackage install CDs. Then again, I wish it was possible to do that with all installs, and pigs might fly. Anyhow, keeps me in a job, and I’ve never been so clued up on registry hacks and scripting. I’ll be interested to see what SP2 brings when we get our copy. :hmm:


Judging from the pictures. I say Microsoft childproofed it for toddlers.


Or made it understandable to the average computer user :stuck_out_tongue:


at least microsoft isn’t charging $120 for their updates…

Cough Jaguar… Cough Panther…and soon Tiger!.. i’m harsh :wink:


Apple doesn’t charge for their updates. They’ve always been free. You just don’t hear about it in the news like you do for Windows stuff.

Not unless you are considering Longhorn to be an update to XP?


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