Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S


Been refining the shaders for the rim and tire, as it isn’t my strong suit. Right now I feel the tire is letting down the image. Finding it difficult to see what I need here. Guidance would be greatly appreciated.


First of all, really solid model and picture so far.
Now regarding your question, the only two things I noticed (and one of them is literally nitpicking which you can ignore) are:

  1. There is a part that looks like


In your render its just

The stick part is not visible. If it is there it should be visible, since you provide quite a closeup. But this is neglible like I said. You can safely ignore it.
Also each extrude has a vertical line (atleast in my references):

Above letter N in michelin, above p and o in pilot. But this is probably wont be the push you are looking for. ^^’
(Actually in the photos bellow you will find even more subtle details not in your model that actually can be what you are looking for. )

  1. The second thing I would try to add is the little bump/grundge/whatever you want to call the micro texture or rubber.
    It can be seen in the before posted pic, also in here:
    Although the later two reference you can more feel it, than see it (well maybe you can see it in highlights).

I would also think about adding a little bit of “usage”. Even if you client asks for brand new, you can still add a bit (a pinch) of dust, dirt, subtle discolorations, imperfections.

Because the way it is now it is like you said, the rim is the champion and I think it is mostly because of grain in it (be it post, be it “low” render quality, noise etc,) but it does add that little something that the tire lacks, since it is so perfect.

Just my two cents, gl and hope that you’ll manage to make it to your liking ^^


Thanks for your thorough reply Kazkas. The first thing you mentioned I had noticed too, but it seemed to appear only in certain pictures, and the others resemble mine more. At first I thought it was a version difference but I’ve concluded it must be some sort of variation depending on the factory producing it. However I considered doing it the way you’ve described because I feel it might add a little more interesting detail.

Those ‘sticks’ you’re referring to are called ‘nubbins’ and they’re another characteristic of certain manufacturers. This is why you’ll notice some photos have and some don’t. As well as those “seams” you’ll see in between the tread pattern. I have also considered including these, because it may add depth/realism. But I think I’m gonna opt not to. But these are all very valid suggestions and I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

The rubber definitely needs some sort of finer texture. I might try playing around adding some bumped noise and more colour imperfection. I have some in there but you can barely see it. Dust is a good idea too. Let’s see what I can do with my limited shader abilities!