Michael Scorfield, yunfei mo (3D)


Title: Michael Scorfield
Name: yunfei mo
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, BodyPaint, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hello everyone, I am a CG teacher. My English is not very good, hope that you may be excused. I very much like to watch TV to Prison Break the United States,so,I produced a man in this TV , Michael Scorfield.

I hope you like it


great work…
yeah… i guess you got a problem with your hair…
why don`t you try to render it in passes…?

yo can render the hair and the mesh object seperately and then composite in PS


Awesome portrait! May be the ears could be somewhat larger. Love the sweatshirt texture - Newton’s rings avoided by a whisker! Excelent work! :cool:


looks great! :applause:


Excellent stuff, well done.


Thank you all, I made a mold picture.


i think the skin is too oily… especially if u look at the ear. will look more realistic imo if u tone it down. i love the eyes.


Thank you for your recommendations, excessive imitation of the picture of I have seen.




oh ! i finally found it!

nice work! Mr mo.

and TangJia say:“wow~ NB let’s go to smoke!”"


Great work,nice portrait…cal


See Shen:banghead:


I like ur model too. may be try adding background with some depth of field. might complement ur work more :thumbsup:


Nice work, I really like the image.


good started,

bec i love this man ( michael scorfield ) but u maked same like hem not 100% ok
hes need work by the hire ok

good lcuk 4 ever :beer:




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