Michael Pavlovich - 2 Hour ZBRUSHLive Pro Workshop!


Pixelogic has teamed up with Amazing artist Michael Pavlovich in doing Zbrush Workshops every single week that provides industry insight and tools that professional artists use everyday!

Michael Pavlovich gives a workshop every week on various ZBrush tools, actions, and tricks while working on a SciFi character.

Michael revisits knurling, NanoMesh and offset on a tiling plane for a tiling alpha (Grab Doc), then used NanoMesh to put geo-knurling on a cylinder. Afterwards, Michael covers Panel Loops, Polygroups with ZModeler, how to refine concept meshes, as well as rebuilding them using primitives, slicing and Polygroup ZRemeshing. After going through Dynamic Subdivisions, Crease levels and QGrid dynamic previews, Michael covers close holes with interactive elevation.

Check out the 2 hour workshop stream below!