Michael Jackson CG Revival, WeiLin Ke (3D)


Title: Michael Jackson CG Revival

Name: WeiLin Ke

Hi guys,
Long time not post new works here, This is the latest work from our team ,we are all fans of Michael Jackson,In order to show respect to our Hero MJ, we decide to use our 3D technic to revival his figure on screen at Halloween ,and we have post it online on Halloween?and i’d like to show this work to you guys too?hope you like it? thank you very much !



This is awesome ! You guys really nailed it


Okay, this is really interesting - I’m looking at the eyes. The final renders suffer from the dead-eyed “uncanny valley zombie” look (less so with the actual Zombie render, interestingly), but the eyes in the wireframes actually seem to be more alive/have something behind them. I’m looking at the high-res wireframes in your gallery. I wonder what it is that makes the difference so strongly. Great work, and really interesting!