Michael Comet's poseDeformer for 6.5 ??


Hey All,

Has anyone managed to compile Micahel Comets awesome poseDeformer PlugIn for 6.5 yet ?

Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from y’all soon :slight_smile:



You can download the .mll from his website at http://www.comet-cartoons.com/toons/melscript.cfm. You also need the 1.17 PD files, since they include the scripts and such, but it works just great for me.



I’ve also got compiles now for 6 and 6.5 myself…i’ve been meaning to update the ZIP to support all of them but I haven’t done it yet…one day. In the meantime as mentioned just DL both items from my site.



if i could just hijack this thread with a poseDeformer tech question :slight_smile: its an awesome script which i’ve been using for shoulder deformation (on 6.5). whenever i try to mirror the deformer (following the steps outlined on tokeru.com tutorial), i get a C++ runtime error. my joints are mirrored properly with behaviour set, however the skin may not be perfectly symmetrical… is that a requirement… and/or likely to be causing the runtime error?

no big deal i have the targets already mirrored via a script so i can make another poseDeformer node if required, it just takes half an hour to input each pose on a high res mesh :wink:


Sweet as, got it all up and running now :slight_smile: …what a fantastic Plug-In …

Kiaran from CGToolkit gives your poseDeformer script a really good wrap in their new book …i was reading it last night b4 hitting ZZ land and had to jump outta bed (freezing my ass off) to suss it out :wink:

Awesome stuff!!!

Thanks again!


Arcon, what is the exact error? You should mirror the poses usually onto a second/newer poseDeformer. ie: mirror from psdArmLf to psdArmRt etc… It shouldn’t be causing any errors tho.

Also editing membership of the source and target psd’s to be what they should be BEFORE doing mirror will greatly speed up the process also.

paul: cool good luck!


Michael Comet,

How did you decide to release your pose-space deformer for free to the cg community? I realize you’ve done everybody a huge service, and I wonder how are the prudent methods to act given a clever discovery or invention? Strictly speaking I mean how did you decide to release any of your ideas to the general public?

Basically I’m hoping that some of my ideas, individually or together might help me get a job. I don’t just want money for being cool, I wanna work and make things with other artists. I have infinitely more motivation when working with other professionals than just like in a vacuum. I’ve been completely re-energized by the discussion here on CGTalk about my work, and I’d love for the momentum to continue. Of course I want to collaborate with others and explore all the new ideas and thoughts and I sense that letting everybody in on my secrets is the best course of action, but how should it be done? that’s what I"m wondering.

I hope this isn’t off-topic, it sort of is, but I’d like to insert it anecdotally in this thread about your pose-space deformer which I intend to try the minute I finish my high-res poly girl I’m modelling… just working on her lips right now.

Warmest regards,
Alex Kessaris


Hi Michael - thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

the error has actually been different on 2 attempts now, on one computer i got the C++ runtime error (i missed the rest of the message and am kicking myself right now), and on my machine just a generic “Fatal Error, attempting to save etc” message. although in both instances it sat there for about 20 mins first :frowning:

that editing membership definitely helped speeding up the movement of joints, i will try creating a new PSD on the left shoulder, and editing the membership in advance like you say.

hopefully it will work 'cause currently i have an even more ominous problem than the mirror not working: if i just want to setup a new PSD node on the opposite shoulder, when doing the first new pose on that new PSD it sat there for about 1.5 hrs, then i had to kill maya 'cause it was taking too long. does a second PSD node take twice as long to calculate poses for some reason…? anyway i will try it with edited membership (which has removed about 35,000 verts :slight_smile: ) and hopefully it will finish within half an hour again… in case you’re wondering its a 40,000 vert mesh, so i’m down to 5,000 :wink:


yay! all fixed now :stuck_out_tongue: each pose is computing in a respectable 3-4 mins.

it was the membership - too many verts, heh seems so obvious now… thanks heaps :slight_smile:


Arcon, odd well if you get errors again let me know. Definitely sounds like a memory thing. Might be undo related, I know Maya gets wack if there is too much going on and you run out of memory.

littlepixel, I just decided to release it for free like my Maya scripts. Some part of me is kicking myself right now, since I probably could have sold it, ah well…hehe. I like to release things for free tho, always have. Always good to help the comunity. Usually I just release it and say it is free. Here I released code too so I used the gnu public license for it, so it’s still copyright etc…



To jump in here, I’ve not released anything quite as cool as the pose deformer, but the reason I release many of the tools I develop is partly to ‘give back’ to the community which gives me so much. Small tools that make life simpler helps everyone.

It’s also advertising, somewhat. Consider: if you create a cool tool, and release it, you can still keep it on your demo reel, including URL’s for people to download and try at the end or on the details sheet or whatever. The best case would be if they already know about the tool and have even used it. I don’t know about anyone else, but if I liked a tool, then found out the person who wrote it was looking for work, I’d cetainly be thinking, “Maybe they can create some cool tools for us.” Worst case is still that they can go and evaluate the tool if the demo intrigues them. I can’t see that as a bad thing, assuming the tool is actually useful.



no more errors but a workflow issue i’m trying to figure out… can poseDeformer be used for correcting deformations on joints in the middle of a skeleton…? i’m trying to make twisting poses for the neck, but ran into a problem with a twist: the pose arrow is in exactly the same direction (up the neck in rotX), so they both activate at the same time causing the geometry to mess up.

i thought i could SDK the pose’s max angle driven by the rotX of the neck, it works to some extent except when it reaches zero the geomtry seems to have a glitch. i guess the only option with a straight twist is a maya blendshape… unless there’s a method with PD i’m not aware of…?


Yes it can. You have to set the feature for enable/disable twist first on the pose reader…then it will show two other axis shorter as well, and it will only kick the pose on when both the main axis AND the other two axis line up. The only limitation of this is it will start to get wacky the closer to 180 you get, because +180 is the same as -180.

The other alternative make a new PSD deformer, and read a different “axis” ie: read Z instead of Y for the poses.



Hey, Michael, since I know you’re reading this thread,

I’ve been having some trouble with the edit membership tool. I can’t seem to get it to do anything! I mean, it shows the current membership, but I can’t select or deselect points. I’ve been using the paint attribute tool, which works pretty well, but when I click edit membership, it doesn’t seem to show the results (though the results are affecting what vertices get posed). I know I did this in the past, and I feel like an idiot, since I know it should be obvious, but can you explain how the tool is supposed to be used?



All that button does is select the deformer and call the usual Maya “Edit Membership” command…so it should show and then allow you to select/remove membership.

Once you have shapes, the Auto-Mem button instead will auto-prune the weights to just the points used in the targets if desired also.



[arcon gets down on ground, does ewok worship chant]. thanks michael, that 2nd poseDef did the trick, and produces the predicatable result i’m after. i think the twist option might have worked, by setting “allow twist” to zero i saw 2 more axis, and could sort of get a result by rotating the poseReader, but it was a little dodgy…

anyway cheers for all your help with this :slight_smile:


is there any way I could get michael’s poseDeformer non linear blendShapes for maya 7?


Sorry my site has been down as I moved to a real web hosting provider.
It’s back up now and the DL’s for the poseDeformer etc is online again.



Is there anyway to get just the joint space differences out of an existing PSD? Basically, the deformation minus the skin weight deformation. I know the resulting shape would look kind of odd but that’s ok.


You should be able to zero out any of your controls/skin and use the PSD “isolate” stuff to turn on any pose to 100% regardless of the actual controls state you have…