Michael Cabuco - Visual Development Artist - Sketchbook


Alright day 3! Here’s a huli-huli chicken mobile for the “roasted” prompt. For those of you who haven’t visited Hawaii, huli-huli chicken is a style of rotisserie chicken smothered in sweet huli-huli sauce you can find throughout the island. Local food that so good!


Day 4 of #inktober and we’re cramming for “spell”-casting midterms! Study hard and get those good marks.


#inktober Day 5: “Chicken” and I couldn’t stop thinking about that silly rock-eating chicken Heihei. Happy Friday everyone!


#inktober Day 6: Drooling goes to my love for #SPAM musubi. Rice, nori, furikake seasoning, and aloha shoyu and sugar glazed fried SPAM. I can’t go a week without it. Om noms for days!


#inktober day 7: Exhausted. Sketch based on a Nike boxing photoshoot. Oftentimes, I find inspiration in people who understand the value of hard work and pushing their craft further. For every rep, punch, lap, or in my field, drawing, we all get that much closer to achieving our goals. So this day goes out to everyone chasing their dreams and most importantly making the moves to get them closer to achieving their own version success.


#inktober day 8: Star. Super busy day today, but here’s a surfing star to wish you all a good evening. :call_me_hand:


#inktober day 9: Precious. Oh no. I’ve officially switched over to digital inktober. School has been crazy busy (but so worth it!). Hopefully these digi-inks will do. :slight_smile:


Cool Michael. Keep it up. : )


Thanks remy! :slight_smile:


#inktober day 10: Flowing. Just when I made this fancy speech of being busy yada yada and I can’t do inktober blah blah my new copic grey marker set came in the mail! Finally easy value application! I guess I’ll keep going. :blush::call_me_hand:


#inktober day 11: “Cruel” - ella. A relaxing ink study of Marc Davis’s Cruella de Vil. Just studying his linework is so fascinating and how he uses line to depict material and gesture. Ahhh I’m such an art nerd.


#inktober day 12: “Whale” - Pinnochio goes shopping for toys. This one could also fall under the category “irony.” Haha I’m sorry, but hey! You all saw the end of the movie. Happily. Ever. After. Have a good weekend everyone!


#inktober day 13: Guarded - I’m pretty sure if it’s worth it, then you gotta work for it. Keep pushing!


#inktober day 14: “clock” - looking at the time and the weekend go buh-bye. Back to the work week and another great week of studying, drawing, and painting. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.


Super busy this week, so I wasn’t able to update my inktober thread for day 15 and day 16. Here ya go! Also, you can find my realtime updates for inktober on my instagram at @michaelcabuco (https://www.instagram.com/michaelcabuco/). Thanks for looking.


Inktober Day 17 and Day 18!


#inktober day 19: scorched - alas, our beloved knight meets the fire breathing owl and gets toasted.


Inktober drop day 20 to day 26!


Hey guys! Happy New Year! This year, one of my goals is to do a proper painting with a weekly time limit. I think last year I spent too much time polishing (fill in the blank) and it really wasn’t helping me that much. As a mentor of mine mentioned, “More sketches, more mileage!” I’ve had the wonderful privilege of learning from a few awesome people via critiqued courses, gumroads, instagram, etc. so now it’s time to put in work! Here’s my second week check-in featuring my girl Spider-Gwen! I just LOVED the Spider-Verse movie that I was inspired to do a vis-dev piece of Gwen Stacy’s bedroom. I really loved the aesthetics of the movie and I just wanted to see if I could put my own spin on it. This piece is a part of my “Love Letters to Spider-Gwen” collection, which is a personal fan art vis dev project. It should be a fun learning experience and I hope you all enjoy!