mib_Color_alpha/mib_opacity Network


Hello there.

I am trying to create a simple network to use alpha textures but for some reason i am not getting any opacity :banghead: I am all out ideas. HEELLPPPP… plaese

These are my connections

[size=2]connectAttr -f mib_texture_vector1.outValue mib_texture_remap1.input;
connectAttr -f mib_texture_remap1.outValue mib_texture_lookup1.coord;
connectAttr -f mib_texture_lookup1.outValue mib_illum_phong1.ambient;
connectAttr -f mib_texture_lookup1.outValue mib_illum_phong1.diffuse;
connectAttr -f mib_texture_lookup1.outValue mib_color_alpha1.input;
connectAttr -f mib_color_alpha1.outValue mib_opacity1.opacity;
connectAttr -f mib_illum_phong1.outValue mib_opacity1.input;



I dont see your opacity node going into that shading group… Try plugging that mib_opacity node into the mental ray material slot in place of the phong. Make sure there is only one shading group attached to the surface.


WOW it was that simple.

Thank you 3Dsin It work perfect.:thumbsup:


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