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I looked around for a while to find a solution for an issue i have been having rendering some transparent windows of a building. i am using mental ray with physical sun and sky, and using mia material x for the walls and windows. the scene was rendering fine with all the transparency but after i UV mapped (in UV Layout) and textured the walls, it is no longer rendering the objects at the back through the transparent material of the windows. i can see the horizon and the sky only. i maxed out the raytracying in render setting (both quality and final gather).

any suggestion will be very helpful. thank you

I have attached a picture of the render



It shouldn’t be too much work to isolate your issue. Have you tried rendering with lights other than physical sun and sky? You could also try applying (or re-applying) the glass preset to your windows mia_material_x, or even just try creating a new glass material altogether.


Hi there,
Thank you for the reply. since my post i have applied a dielectric_material to the windows and the result is the same (but with a transparent normal Blinn works fine). the problem started to appear after i imported the building wall mesh as an obj file (I used UV Layout to edit the UV and imported the new UV-ed OBJ back in to maya). i do not know if it has something to do with normals. i did check them, seems to be pointing at the right direction.

i also created a new scene with new physical sun and sky for the same mesh. result was the same.

i had the same problem with the swimming pool.the water material would not render the base of the pool. i had to model the pool again and uv it inside of maya and it worked fine. problem is i do not want to re-model the building mesh.

thanks again for your reply



check visible in reflections/refractions on your mesh shape node.
Maya turn them off by default when importing obj (seems that we are still in 1995 :smiley: )


Mate you just saved me!!

thanks a lot for your reply. It worked. visibility was turned off.

Grateful for your help



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