mia_material interpolated reflection problem



 i was reading the new manual about mia_material. found that it is possible to make some fast blurred reflections using interpolation.
 so i setup scene as mentioned in manual - made reflections like perfect mirror, then enabled interpolation to get it blurred - everything worked fine. 
 but when enabled "detail distance" some wierd artefacts showed up. 

don’t know what’s the problem. if anyone has a solution -it’d be really nice to know it.




If you have mental ray set to scanline, set it to raytracing and see if that fixes it.


eh, it doesn’t fix…


man, I really need to use the search-button more, posted the exact same question here: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=87&t=462809

i’ll be monitoring both threads and let you know if I find the answer, sorry about the double-post…


it works fine on my side

did i mess anything?


thanks, ash-man,

seems that these problems were caused by “background color” - setting V higher than 0
fixes this issue.
but if i need ,for example, background to be 100% black…


where is this background colour, is it a parameter in the shader or somewhere else?
Are you talking about the background colour for the whole render or what?


wurp, yes the whole render background color in camera’s attributes…


ahh, thats a bit of a problem then, would be good to see what masterZap has to say about this.


I got this problem in maya 2008 and mental ray 3.6… changing the background color doesnt fix it though

figured it out, BSP2 makes it not work


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