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I’m working on a Mac in Maya 7.0

I downloaded the mia_material, and according to the documentation, it should work in 7.0. There’s even a 7.0 version of the sun.mll (which I don’t need since I downloaded Bonus Tools)

After installation, everything works just fine. Setting up the physical environments seems to work as described, the mia_material appears in the hypershade, and all the presets seem to load just fine. But when I try to render, I get a “// Error: (Mayatomr) : mental ray has stopped with errors, see the log //” message. I’m assuming that the “log” refers to an error log file generated somewhere, but I can’t find one.

Any idea what’s going on, or how to remedy it?



I’m pretty sure the MIA material shader is no compatiable with the version of MR in Maya 7…


OK, I get the exact same result in 8.0. It should run in 8.0, right? I get the exact same result in 8.0, an aborted render, with the message saying check the “log”, which doesn’t appear to exist.


I just got done plugging the Lume shaders from Max9 into Maya 8.5 and they work great except I’m having 2 issues…maybe someone can help me.

  1. The first deals with shaders that don’t have a bump or displacement slot. More specifically the glass lume. In Max that was the shader I used to simulate water by placing the ocean lume in it’s bump slot. How do I go about giving them a bump or displacement map to a material that doesn’t have that slot option?

  2. When I imported the lumes in, things came in with it and I’m not sure where they came from. I took a screenshot so maybe someone can help me figure out how to rid myself of them.


don’t know if you saw that guys but evermotion just launch their new archshaders(vol3 & 4) for mental ray:bounce:…and it look really great :drool:…but wait it’s only for max:cry::cry:


hie nice post

but i use the mia thick_Glass_Presset when i got more than 4 plane visibility don’t goes throught ,i got my raytracing ;reflect and refract set to 10 10 and max trace depth to 20

its that normal ?,
just put 4 cube side by side with mia_thick_Glass texture ,you wont see the last cube.

can’t achieve to tweak the transparency or raytrace options



To my knowledge, mia_material has raytrace/refraction depth settings in the mia_material attributes. If you change the global depth to 10, try changing the individual material’s depth to 10 as well.


As far as I know (from what the MIA html help file says) the MIA_material was a new shader type introduced with the version of mental ray included with Maya 8.5. I’m positive that version 8 isn’t compatible sorry man! I’ll check the HTML help files to verify:

the html states (about the entire architectural library)

The library strictly requires mental ray version 3.5 or newer and will not function on earlier releases of mental ray.

So, if that is your version I don’t know what to say, but If not than there’s your problem… erm, answer to your problem :s

This is a great resource! I’ll dig around my scenes and find this really nice frosted glass I set up.


Hi Everyone…

Quick question… I’ve downloaded these presets, and seem to be working as they should, but I am a little stuck.

I’m modelling a beer bottle, and can’t figure out if it should be a single surface, using the physical glass preset, or if the model should be made of an inside and outside, to give the geometry thickness?

Can anyone give me some tips with thick glass beer bottles?

Many Thanks



anyone tried these?

they’re arch viz mats from max, but they work in maya.


plonk them in here…

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya***\presets\attrPresets\mia_mat erial\Brushed_Metal.mel


lightcache — the link you provided was broken

oops nevermind didnt see the files on the right



really? link works fine for me.

the files are on the right called archmat.


this approach seems to work. using different mia materials for each normal. this could easily be applied to your bottle.


i need mia_lens_bokeh , which is not ther , where can i download though…? its not in my maya 8.5… mental ray nodes…


ArchMat.zip is 14meg of .jpgs of various objects…
where can we get the actual mia_material scripts??



mia_lens_bokeh is a lens shader - you’ll find it under lensshaders in hypershade. plug it into your cameras lensshader slot under mentalray.



i know its in Lens shader in hypershade under metal ray nodes but as its not ther i asked for it… see i hav attached the screenshot.


mia_lens_bokeh was introduced in Maya 2008.


so how can i have it in maya 8.5…


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