MGAC - 43 - Walking turret, art deco/steampunk


Hi evryone. I am officially starting MGAC 43!![size=2]
Since during the last UGAC I saw comments regarding more precise topic, here I got one:[/size]

Walking Turret ; [b]art deco/steam punk style

[/b][size=2]So, what does that all mean. The task is to model (u can rig and pose, but that is not required) a walking battle robot. The robot’s functionality examples:

MechCommander: [/size][size=2]

Iron Strategy:

not necessary biped - it may have as many legs as u want :slight_smile:

BUT, it must have a stampunk/art deco style combination. Rusty rude surfaces combined with organic forms. So, one can say, it is pretty much retro-looking as well :wink:

Here r also some art deco examples :




some other art deco examples (not necessary robots, but it gives understanding of shape flow principle):


Technical restrictions:

1500 triangles

1 diffuse 512x512 (required)

1 bump 512x512 (optional)

To submit:

1 beauty shot, 1-2 wireframe views (backface culling on!), 1-2 real-time textured shaded views, all texture sheets used and a polycount.

Don’t forget that entries should approximately fit possible game that would require such tech. limits, so renders with multiple lights, shadows and GI r not very appropriate ;), unless u bake occlusion in the texture.


[/b][/u]September 9th, 12 p.m. (GMT 0). So, about 2 week to go.

Post ur entries and WIP here.

P.S.: I did not see all previous MGAC, but I hope that this topic was not yet proposed and that it might be interesting for u to do :slight_smile:

Good luck !


Sounds fun! I’m in!


Hey… while awaiting the UGAC I’ll give it a shot (then I have something to draw the next few hours on the train)

“After the wossitsname, start with an F. right FEE-ASS-CO” * during last UGAC when I was without a working pc, all is well since about a week now. So I am confident I will make an effort :slight_smile: to finish.

So I’m in.

*just installed Oblivion again, after 5 moths without games it’s great, so this is a quote from that game. Now hand up who knew? :stuck_out_tongue:


A great example of Art Deco steampunk design can be found in BioShock, of course. The “Big Daddy” is a great reference in particular. I think I’m in if I can grab a few hours this weekend.


yep, Bioshok is a great example indeed!
Sry, I forgot to mention it before :sad:


I started on a design this afternoon and wound up spending several hours reading about ED209 from Robocop before leaving for work. Oops…

I just wanted to mention also that the Batman cartoon from the 1990’s was also a good example of the Art Deco theme in its buildings and machinery. I always loved the cars in that show but could never figure out what time period it was supposed to be.


I started on a model. I had a sketch but I think I lost it in the depths of my hard drive. I made some progress over the weekend. There are still some seam issues and I’m not totally happy with some of the detail on the color map. Anyway, crits welcome.

here is a turntable


Hey man that’s looking nice. Are you measuring in polys or in tris? The chrome on the feet looks real nice but I’m not sure if it fits with the concept or why that would be the only place on the mecha not dirty or covered in rust.

Here’s mine so far. At about 1500 tris. I should be able to add some arms to him after I clean everything up.


Yes, that’s 1490 tris at render. The entire asset is modeled in quads (745). I agree about the textures not flowing right just yet. It was a first run. I was trying to go for heat and chemically treated steel more than rust but if you got rust (as did my coworkers) I have some work to do. I may not work on it till later this week but I appreciate your feedback.

some other comments I got from them were.

  1. needs more detail in the texture map
  2. certain parts such as the gun barrels would not look rusted because they would be constantly under heavy use.
  3. define types of materials better.
  4. not sure if the colors portray art deco.

You’ve got a good start there. I like that it looks a lot like an old movie camera. Are you going to keep most of those pieces separate meshes?


awesome progress going on up to date :wink:
Cool to see that u guys both have found pretty much creative approach and came up with non-standard forms.

Unfortunately I can’t give any exact and personal crits and comments since I judge :frowning: But I really would love to say something in general cause ur work goes really good!

Regarding a question about rust portraying (or not) art deco, I would say that it may be. After all, it may inherit steampunk as well, and heavy mechanical objects for this style (in my oppinion) may have rust. That also contributes to retro-looking aged surface.

Second, it would be cool if future textures would have more relief that supports the flow of a shape (organinc curvy lines, seams or bolt rows for example).

Hope to see some more new participants this week :wink:


Yeah it probably wouldn’t have rust if the pieces were in heavy use, but there’s no reason why it wasn’t sitting in a corner for 100 years.

I think it may be a bit difficult to have the colors portray art deco without loosing a lot of the steam punk element. Personally I’m going to go with steam punk colors but a lot of deco designs in the textures similar to what Deryk suggested I guess.

Old film camera? Ha, that’s pretty cool although I haven’t thought about it. It looks quite a bit different now and will probably not resemble a film camera at all when I’m finished, although that is a pretty cool idea.

I am going to have a lot of seperate meshes. I know it’s going to create a fair amount of texture space that won’t be visable but I’m planning on having quite a bit of UV overlapping and I’d rather have the extra polys.


Worked on my guy some more. Think I’m done with the normal map for now. Just going to add some scratches at the end.


Not much progress so far, seeing as how I just started it an hour ago. I may end up changing my design though, after looking through the other posts so far I don’t want to come off being too similar.

They all look really awesome I really like the hoof-like feet se7enthcin.
The art deco “crown” (for lack of a better word to describe it) is a nice touch JuddWack.

Hopefully I’ll finish in time for the deadline.


This is still very WIP, but here’s a first stab at the theme:


Swizzle, great form language on that mech!

I’ll try to get something in…been playing STALKER a lot, so maybe some kind of abandoned harvester robot or something.


Hey guys, some good stuff here. Any chance we can get some spec maps? I can barely see my normal maps showing without it. I turned a little bit on for the render but it’s not using a map. Also used a glow, but I’ll take that out for my renders.


I would not argue if u tweak some shader parameters (if u need a surface to be more shiny), but only global adjustments and only for blin shader (since it is the simplest shader) :wink: No map, sry, that`s the rule.

After all, u can always try to tweak height of normal map relief in photoshop or bump values in ur 3d app.

That is the challenge - having multi-layered material would make it easier, but u have to try to come up with a soultion using classical game techniques.


Normalmaps aren’t a classical technique :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seriously though, why don’t you integrate your normalmap in the diffuse? Paint in the bumps with highlights and shadows like we did in the olden days. You could take the blue channel from the normalmap to use as a guide/dirt map… A general guide for lighting would be to paint it as if it was coming from above. You could also paint in light coming from the glowy areas if you want to.


Take a look at Soul, B1ll and Susias textures for good examples of just a diffuse (but what a diffuse…). This one is awesome


Oh man I misread the guidlines. I really thought it said a normal map was ok. I don’t really plan on going back and reworking all my textures. Sorry guys, guess I’ll be continuing this on my own path.


It’s really easy to use the different channels from a normal map to make shadows and highlights on diffuse textures. Just copy a channel from your normal map in Photoshop to a new layer in your diffuse texture and play around with blending modes and opacity.