MGAC - 42 - The future, circa 1950


sweet a little more time. I totaly got bogged down with other crap this week. ill try and squeeze mine out tomorrow.


unfortunatly, with as busy as ive been this week, this is as far as I can take it. I probably should have gone with a ray gun, as it would have been a much quicker deal. And as will most the models I make, I want to go back and do this one all over because now I see how I could have made it much better. LOL. as I dont work with 3D often its a lot of fun learning my mistakes. I will probably re-do this guy in the future with a little higher tri and a lot more time texturing.

I made this opacity map… but looking at the renders I think i didnt re-load it… hmph. Or the color map. The numbers should be bigger… ahh… Im tired… LOL


How are you getting the yellow glow on the eye-thing? It looks really good.


I cheated. :stuck_out_tongue: Its just a few poly’s with the Maya ‘glow’ special effect applied to it. I know there are glow shaders and such for games, but I dont realy know how to work any of that yet. so this was the easyest substitute.


Aww, Codenothing, your robot has so much potential, I think with a little more work on the texture you could push him to the next level. Hopefully you can find a little extra time before Thursday and add a little more character to him. Even still he turned out pretty cool.


or u can use texture with gradient tranparency (b&w : white in the middle and gradient to black towards edges of image)- that would fit game technology much closer :wink:


Looks like Thursday is upon us! This has been unbelievably difficult to pick a winner, in fact as of this writing I still don’t know but I’ll narrow it down by the end of this post.

Let’s start with, uhhh: blacker!
I loved the mass of this robot. He had that bulk that seemed to go along with 1950’s automobiles, the radio dial on his chest was a nice touch. The shine of his arms and legs kind of felt a little out of place with how worn down his torso was. Nice use of tris to fit in with the 700 tri limit.

Ghostscape: Tube arms! That’s one thing I felt was pretty important on a 1950’s robot. The red bulb and pear shaped glass dome were nice touches. Not to mention the quick from start to finish modeling time for this entry.

Codenothing: Your concepts ruled, it’s a shame you didn’t have more time to get your final texture to match some of your early concepts you posted but even still it was a nice result. I accept that the glow could be shader done and that made his head, uhh… bulb a nice touch behind the glass dome. I also quite like that you were well under the tri limit.

Deryk: An impressive ammount of detail fit to my limited tri budget! great use of opacity maps and I love the sky effect out the window! The purple color scheme reminded me of Dark Cloud 2 which I’d just started re-playing around the same time you posted your submission. It was also a little refreshing to see a submission other than a robot (not that anything is wrong with robots. I’m actually quite partial to robots)

I think if we combined Blacker and Ghostscape’s robot into one I’d run with that as the winner. I love tube arms in this theme but I felt that Ghostscape’s robot was just lacking a bit in bulk and mass. A very difficult choice, but I think I’m going with Deryk as this “week’s” winner!

Nicely done everybody, great work by all. Good luck on the UGAC and the next MGAC!


Fair judging. I really wanted to do more with the limbs but to be honest, I was starting to dread working on him after a long day of work. I liked the model, but I put so much time (late nights and early mornings) into it that I was just sick of it by the end. :shrug: I was going to put some screws/bolts/rivets in the texture or paint maroon (or brick red, I guess) spots on the limbs but the way I unwrapped it and textured the rest tired me out. I’d also like to say that I was hoping to go with tube arms, but I decided against it due to the tri limit. I knew that if I went with tubes, I’d have a very hard time with the body. You’re right though, tube arms are iconic of this time.

Great job Deryk! I’m hesitant to comment too heavily on other entrants pieces before the deadline (I feel it gives a bias to the judge ;)), but I was floored by your entry. Great use of tris and overall an awesome job. I feel like the coloring should have been different, because to me it didn’t feel 50s, but I don’t think I could have suggested any other color scheme as most of this stuff is black and white. Maybe more metallic stuff?

Great job all!

PS, CodeNothing, you better finish the next one! :scream:


thanks everyone, that was a cool challenge! It was a pleasure to participate :slight_smile:
And now it`s a new UGAC that starts :wink:


congrats! Yea i wish i could have finished mine properly… (holds his head in shame… :blush: ) But’ ill finish it eventualy. are we doing another MGAC? or taking a break from it untill the UGAC is completed? personaly i’d vote that way, as I’d be tempted to put more effort into the UGAC while its around.


I’m not too likely to compete in the MGAC while the UGAC-II is on either. I’m looking to go large scale this time around. :slight_smile:


I agree on both counts there, I think another MGAC would just be distracting… but hopefully we don’t forget about it completely! We need some MGAC’s while we’re waiting on another UGAC!

Haha, GAC…


agreed, but when it starts up again i think its best if the subject s are a lot more specific, there have been lots of out in the open subjects recently (myself being a couple of the starters) and i really think we need something like “eyeball” or “jack-hammer” so there is a clear and defined thing to do then the comparison is a lot more obvious than judging a room being better than a biped character. I would hope then that there are more poeple joining in


DERYK, or Heavyness,

Lets start this mother up again before we begin another UGAC!


yes start a new one already i want to enter!


Sweet concepts CodeNothing, like the semi-silhouette presentation…


Sure, I`ll be happy to give a new topic for MGAC.

I can post exact limits and topic with inspirations tonight (local time, now I got 10 am here in Canada)

I hope it`s ok with u, guys :wink:

However, a question : who judges the challenge?


As the winner of the last challenge, you choose the topic of the next challenge, and you get to choose who wins when that challenge is over, then that person continues the cycle.


new MGAC is open!!


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