MGAC - 42 - The future, circa 1950


Holy sh!t, that looks great! Do you have geometry under the dome? Just wondering how your glass texture will be handled. I have a design for my own robot done (different than the one I posted) but frankly, I’m not sure it will fit the tri budget.


Just a small thing I thought of CodeNothing. How about making him slightly less symmetrical- specifically the arms? Nothing too drastic though.

Anyway, looks great.



Thanks guys!

blacker: yea Im gona use a transparency on the dome, and I have a very small amount of geometry under there.

Mindrot: I see what you mean about the symetry. I think maybe I should change one of the claw hands to some sort of tool maybe. Im pushed right to the 700 limit with 698 tri, so subtracrion and shifting things is realy the only option I have right now. And texture, Ill try and mix it up a bit there too. Thanks!


Codenothing: You could probably get away with intersecting meshes instead of splitting the poly at the shoulder joint. That should save you a few tris.

I can’t wait to see the textured product, your concepts look pretty interesting.


CodeNothing, as mentioned earlier, you really want to split your mesh up. For example, the mesh can be three different elements, it doesn’t have to be one single welded entity. That will save you a lot of tris and the same goes for the glass dome, have it as a separte mesh that intersects the “shoulders”, save another couple of tris. Love the concept but the arms feel a bit spindly and the shoulder area looks a bit weird. Maybe scale the shoulder pads up so they are wider than they are now? The look of your texture concept is a lot better but the mesh is smaller if you know what I mean?


All right CodeNothing, you and me… rock em’ sock em’ robots… :wink: My bot is 98% done (modeling) he just needs hands and feet. The downside… I’ve only got a budget of 20 tris left! :eek: I think I’m gonna have to reduce a bit as I’m already using some intersecting geometry to get the detail I need!

I’ll upload some pics tonight when I get home from work and get a chance to make some hands and feet.

I’m really liking the way it’s turning out, I’ve even rigged him using locators and rotate constraints :). I’m a little worried about texturing though with all the intersecting geometry. I’m hoping an ambient occlusion pass will help me out a bit when I get to texturing…


Well, I made 700 triangles. (edit: I missed 5 interior faces; total now stands at 695 tris) I had hoped to put pincers on at least one arm but I had to change the design up a little. This is a front and side ortho view and a 3/4 perspective. Hopefully I’ll do the full unwrap tomorrow (should be the easiest unwrap I’ve ever done! ;)) and texture tomorrow and Sunday. Too bad it’s not due on the 4th or 5th, I’d love the extra time, but we’ll see what happens…



You can save 16 tris if you do this instead of what you have with a very minimal change to your silhouette:

that’d give you 21 tris left so maybe you could make a pincer or two for him/her/it! The indention in the belt region may not be entirely necessary with geometry either. Removing that and texturing the shadow that suggests the indent could save you another whopping 36 tris (if my count is correct)! Given the simplicty of your current hands I think you’d do well to reallocate some of that geometry and give him/her/it some nice '50s style pincers at least!

Overall it looks pretty nice. Can’t wait to see some textures on him/her/it :smiley:


Thanks for the suggestions! I think I’ll probably reduce the lens. The rest I’m going to keep as is though. I’d like to keep the little face screen thing curved like that. The indentation in the belt part is actually a complete separation. That is his hip pivot point so while it is definitely a waste of geometry in this pose, it will look good when he’s actually pivoting. I probably could stand to lose the faces on the upper part of it as it would be hidden unless viewed from below, but I’m hoping to have it stand up from all angles.

Thanks again! UV mapping is basically done now. Hopefully I get the time to texture!


Ooooh, looking sweet. I’m excited to see both robots finished and textured! Bonus points if you actually make a “rock-em, sock-em robots” video with the two.

When I said “Midnight on Monday” what I meant was 11:59pm Sunday, submitted before Monday… but due to the bad wording on my part I’ll give until the end of Monday before I do any judging of submissions. That means you all have until Tuesday, July 3rd. If the winner posts a “4th of July” theme just because their topic comes up on the 4th… well…

Anyway, I have an Austin Mini to insure, so good luck to everybody!


I think I’ll bang out a quick submission.


Need to play with the proportions a bit and he’ll look better when he’s rigged (the arms are flexible tubes like robby the robot, and the feet things are treads and will be kicked out an a bit of an angle so he’s sort of sagged).


Ok, here’s where I’m at. I’m not done texturing but just in case I don’t get to finish tonight, I wanted to post something. :slight_smile: I still need to texture the limbs as they’re just a flat color right now. Final count, 698 tris, 1 512 color, 1 512 spec, 1 512 opacity.


Looks great :slight_smile:
What did you use the opacity map for though?


:scream: The hugely wasted opacity map is for the face screen. I think I’ll probably just drop it since it’s hardly noticed. Originally it was going to have large holes like a grate, then I decided to put a screen in it.

I was going to render out a quick turnaround too, but this wouldn’t render to an .AVI correctly. I tried an animated .gif too, but it must have been too late last night - I couldn’t figure out why ImageReady wouldn’t save all my .gifs/frames into 1 animated .gif. I’ll try again tonight.


Ok, here is my entry :wink: , and I decided to do an environment because I love doing it :slight_smile:
I wanted to use somehow more curvy shapes (as retro sci-fi suggests), but poly limit is a serious issue :wink: Firstly, I thougth of a level where 700 tris would be visible in camera view (that would let me do some more curves), but eventually fiting all geometry into 700 tris seemed more challenging and interesting.

I got 702 tris (sorry, 2 more, I hope u will forgive me :slight_smile: ). All textures, except for Sky/Space, have 16 color palette.
There are no other channels beside diffuse and opacity because the game that would need such geometry restrictions, unfortunately, could not dream about bumps for level textures (I quess actually this would fit DS).
Total image pixel space used in level take less than 512x512.
Lightning is done with manually assigned vertex colors.

I attached some images (in several posts), but since I did some animated textures in the level, you can download 2MB ziped video:(

Good luck everyone, ur works r comming out really cool:thumbsup: I am eager to see them finished!


more images. Realtime view, vertex colors and wireframe.


Couldn’t be arsed to spend more time on this guy.

3 hours total, model, unwrap, and texture.

Before you shout “Hey you went over the limit!!!” keep in mind you’re seeing 6 triangles in this frame that have nothing to do with the robot (ie the cube backdrop)

upon looking at this screenshot, I have no idea how I managed to get the FPS counter to read 7911.71 as I wiggled the camera around in there for a second and couldn’t get it higher than 120. I’m guessing it glitches out when you start alt-tabbing between it and photoshop a bunch or something?


Sweet, I love the environment (thumbnails). I also really like how you took the concept of a low poly environment and brought it through to the textures.

I’m all for next-gen and bumping polycounts, but I’m just as much a fan of doing the exact opposite too. Hardcore low poly, rediculously small (by today’s standards) texture sizes and low counts.

Anyway, I recieved a request earlier today about a possible deadline extension. There were less complete submissions when the request was sent, but I agreed to provide a few extra days because my schedule stinks and I’ll be too busy at my gong-show of a job to really go over the submissions tomorrow. My next day off is Thursday so you all have an extra two days to polish up your models and textures if you feel the need.

The current submissions look great, I hope the extra few days provides a few more people to join in. I also hope that those who made the deadline aren’t disappointed or annoyed by an extension.

[b]NEW DEADLINE: Thursday, July 5th



I figured out what I was doing wrong in ImageReady. Check out the turnaround, but beware, it’s 1.6+ M. I should take out some of the frames to get it to a manageable size I guess…