MGAC - 42 - The future, circa 1950


Looks like it’s that time again

This weeks category: The future, circa 1950.

This time we’re looking for that retro future look from 1950’s sci-fi. Daeleks, flying cars, computers the size of of SUVs, vaccuum tubes, nixie tubes… flashing lights.


1950’s Architecture was referred to as Googie.
here’s a nice database of 1950’s style as well as a quick glimpse into the FUTURE!

Have fun with this one, you’ve got a pretty wide spectrum to work with.


  • Tri limit= 702 triangles (up to 702 triangles, you do not have to use all of them.)

  • Texture limit= 4 x 512 split between diffuse, normal, opacity/alpha and specular
    Use your textures any way you see fit, so long as there is only a maximum total of 4



Good luck and have fun!


Cool concept :slight_smile: I´ll join in on this one, but it seems to me that concepts recently have all been very open, would be nice to have something more narrowed down soonish :stuck_out_tongue:


You know, I think you may have a point there… Maybe there are just too many ideas scaring people away.


1950’s ray gun? wetta has some good ref for that.

or 1950’s alien robot?

that would narrow it down


So in other words: Bioshock Theme. :wink:


I don’t think I’d heard of Bioshock before now, but the website looks pretty cool. When I was thinking of examples, Fallout is one that came to mind most. Indeed it is a retro 50’s take on what they felt the future would look like.


true! tho I think bioshock has a bit of a modern ‘steampunk’ edge to it.


I love the subject matter of this topic. Hopefully I’ll have time to enter!

Check out this link for more inspiration. This guy’s stuff is AMAZING!

In particular I like the “Electrolux Death Ray” and the “Hamilton Demo-6.” Check out the commercial for the death ray, too!


Risistance fall of man plays in 1950 and is pretty sci-fi :wink: can we do that theme aswel? :stuck_out_tongue:


The topic is pretty open for interpretation… perhaps too open as was mentioned before. Put something together, these challenges are pretty informal I’m sure it’ll fit the theme.

I just thought of a few more ideas for reference, the anime Metropolis and its original 1900-something silent movie that it was inspired from are good examples of that retro-future.


Think Ill do a robot guy. I did some rough silouettes for his design. I think i am going with #4. If anyone is out of ideas, feel free to use any other sillouettes as insperation.


If I want to do environment, should this tri limit be applicable to the whole setting (which will be rather challenging :wink: but still cool) or to camera view (e.g. up to 700 tris visible at once)? Or I can even do just the part for still camera shot that will contain those 700 tris?


I did an environment for the last MGAC just over 700 tris… although the room was pretty empty. I won’t complain if you focus on a section of an environment so that the area on screen is 700 tris.

CodeNothing, those sketches look so awesome. I really like number 4. It reminds me of something, but I don’t remember what it was exactly… it’s one of those things, uhh…
end communication


I like #s 3, 5, 6, 10 & 11. I think if you put the arms from 3 (only longer) on #6 it would look pretty cool. I like most of them, but a few (#4 included I think) don’t quite fit. #4 looks good but I think for retro-futuristic you need to chunk up his skinny limbs a bit. #9 kicks ass, too, but again, it doesn’t seem to fit as well.

Here’s what I’ve got. It’s an old concept of mine, a robot made from 1930s car parts… I don’t know whether I’ll go with this or just a simple prop. Depends on time I guess.


hwy blacker thats a cool design but it doent strike me as even remotely ‘circa 1950’s’ for starters you’re using 1930s car parts, the overall proportions are very modern, its just meant to be in the future and you’re using parts from the past, whereas codenothing doesnt seem to have a single silhouette there that doenst fit the bill perfectly, really nice designs there.

[edit] well ok so now my post looks stupid because you removed the pic :sad: boooooo!! :cry:

[edit #2] well ok so now my edit looks stupid because you re-posted the pic :sad: boooooo!! :cry:


Can we get a glow map in this? I know that’s asking for a lot. It could be up to 5 maps. Would that be to intense for an engine?


Ok, I added it back so now I look stupid. :wink:

Juddwack, I agree glows are essential to 1950s futuristic.


5 maps off a single model… I dunno, probably not too intense but I think the restrictions are pretty lenient already.

Fake glow with the opacity map, or apply a glow shader if you’ve got one. Or lie and say you used a glow shader, I won’t dispute that. Somebody else might, but hey, I’m the judge today.


Hope there are more posts this week! :slight_smile:

Heres what I have so far. Will update the final here as well:

color and texture studies:


Those are great CodeNothing. The glass area reminds me a bit of amp valves.