MGAC - 028 - Insect Character


Goal is to model and texture character based on an insect. Winner be most orginal design (and need to be great looking also :P).

some samples:

The limits:
ONE 512x512 texture (if needed one extra 256x256 is allowed)
2500 triangles

Starts now : [b]Tuesday[/b] 24th of October
End date: [b]Tuesday[/b] 31th of October at 12:00 PM CET


Im in, yeee hawwww.


NICE TOPIC!!! I’m in! gonna do some concept art tomorrow!


Hey, since I found this early, I might be able to complete the model, I’m in.


doubt i’ll have time to finish, but maybe i’ll give this a go, question though, and maybe i’m just being dumb, based on an insect just means that it has to look insect-like right? not like a specific insect?

i’m sure i’m just being dumb


hehe i´m in xD

i´ll do a famous character , you will see :smiley:


yep (at least)


hi there x)

i´m done, here is the famous bumblebee man from the simpsons x)



Aye carumba! Haha. So this is your final? The diffuse is quite simple and smooth, though I suppose the Simpsons character didnt have a whole lot of texture. Nice work.


well i thought about a normal map x) but actually i´m to lazy this time (working on my reel now) to unwrap and texture this buddy …

and you´re right :wink: just these few colors … by the way i used this picture for reference:



Oh by the way, noobie question. When you said 1 texture, would that include diffuse, spec, norm, etc. or just one channel.


good question :wink:
for me it is just one channel when i talk about 1x512x512


I think I´ll allow any means, but at intrest I wanted to see ur textures.
In games where i´ve been working on, we have used only 24bit (one channel) and 32bit (with alpha) targa files. So I think one texture can include more that one channel.


In games where i´ve been working on, we have used only 24bit (one channel) and 32bit (with alpha) targa files.

That’s odd I was told that most modern games can handle diffuse, bump, spec, and perhaps another channel, but I could be wrong. Which system are you working on?

But anywho, using just one channel is fine. My model is pretty much done. I’ll probably post up the untextured model Monday and the final at 11:59 Tuesday.


I didnt mean that cannot handle diff, bump, etc. But if those are needed those are in diffrent files. for example one texture file including alpha and other file for bump (can be smaller size, and save some video memory, like in psp).

good, good … I´m waiting to see more challenge picture in here :smiley:


pauler your bumble bee man is awesome :thumbsup: I wish i could do characters so i could enter. I wish i had time to enter these contests, i keep saying to myself i will but i really only have time to make stuff that would fit into my college project and sadly non of the contests i have seen so far work. Im being a bit cheeky here but to the person who wins is there any chances of the next contest being some sort of prop or maybe a building you would find in a city i really want to enter! :smiley: or maybe something just a lot quicker and easier to make than a character im sure it puts a lot of people of entering having to do complex things in a week! no offence to the person who chose this one :blush:


Here is a quick pass of the model I’ve been working on. There might be some little changes in the final. It’s about 2480 tris. I’ll have the wires and finish piece tomorrow.


I said it in the last character contest, too - one week is not enough time to get a lot of entries for characters. The MGAC really works better with smaller projects. Props, RTS units, Top down shooter stuff - designing a character is a lot more difficult and time consuming than making a prop.

Instead of full characters it may be better to do a head/bust of a character.


Agreed but its rarely you get so much time in game studios anyway, its good practice on speed and efficiency I guess :slight_smile:


Agreed, I’m really pushing myself to finish the UV Mapping, which is painfully long. Modelling isn’t all that bad, I did my model in about six hours more or less. Texturing should be pretty quick though.