MGAC – 001 – Street Light


For anyone who is interested in micro/mini/unofficial/very unofficial game art challenges. The idea is to come up with a simple, short and sweet challenge with a quick turnaround. We can talk about the judging, but I was thinking just to expedite the process, having the spec/topic chooser, pick a winner and Pass the Torch. Lets see where this goes!

MGAC – 001 – Street Light

  • 150 tris
  • 128^2 color and alpha

ends midnight PST time on Nov 23rd.

Place your light on a sidewalk or passageway for renders: daylight render, night render with shadows, wire frame.

For now, just submit your work in this thread with bold letters.


ok, I’ve done something, hopefully its what’s needed, unfortunatly its not 128, its 512 :blush:

are you ready…

here we go:

thats a photoshop stuff, background is reall pic, its excactly 150tris


This one is si-fi. probably about 4 or 5 hours or so… give or take. 138 tris, 128^2 + 16^2 (for sprite emitter). I had a beam shooting into the center of the light generator, but it looked stupid, so I deleted it… I want it to cast a better shadow, so I will probably do another one.





bazooka, do you use modo for modeling?


Well Mwarsame, you win. Are you going to add this to your thug town? I wish you would have had some competition. I figured a street light was something people could do in a couple hours and would make a good MINI challenge
guess I was wrong. Well, its up to you now.

oh yeah, and thanks for participating


Mine roadlamp, i know, it’s not 128x128 :rolleyes: but its 512x512… why paint so small textures… today’s game engines can stand 500 lamps like those maybe more as well… :thumbsup:


Thanks Bazooka, I was going to add that in the thug town, i must say its comming along well… anyhow, compare mine to yours, no way m8, yours is thousand times better than mine

I had an idea, dunno if its good but here it is, what if the title is changed to “Mini Game Art Challenge” and all the topic and final stuff is posted under here, because since this is a stickie I doubt the next MGAC - 002 - xxx is going to be stickie. I hope Im not being bossie here :slight_smile:

alfisko: thats good stuff, can we see some 4 view shot :thumbsup:
How about the next one is a Tree or Foliage



alfisko, hells yeah - I’m glad to see you participated too! :beer:

Your thinking down the right path. I don’t think most people will know that there is a second one if we don’t start a new thread. There is the ‘Unofficial Game Art Challenge’ section ‘for unofficial game art mini-challenges’ - I didn’t want to post this there for the first time because I didn’t want it to seem like I hijacked the win from the GAC and I figured if it were here in WIP more people would see it and know it finally exists. So, maybe you could post the next one there, and we will ask a forum leader will stickie it.

Figure out some loose guidelines for something you need to make for what your working on and set a goal time, try not to go past a week, and probably longer than a day or two. Foliage would be good, other than trees it seems to be only a matter of a few minutes. So maybe something that would require a bit more, like a small structure with foliage. As I have learned here, you gotta write something up that gets people excited about it and let them know they are free to roam. Some inspiration would probably help. PM me if you have any questions, I’d be glad to help.


Better late than never. This was my first experience with Max so it took me longer than usual. Also I was waiting overnight for an XBox and ofcourse I had to spend a few days playing.

146 tris.
One 128 txture


So how is this going to work?
Are the challenges going to run consecutively or are these challenges going to run between the Unofficial Game Art Challenges [size=1](which is what I thought)?[/size]


I really dunno, Bazooka Tooth why don’t you take the roll again for this 002 challenge



Glad to see you worked on something too! I’d be in the same boat with that Xbox if I would have camped out. :buttrock:

Hellboy is cooking something good up! So hopefully he will have it listed tomorrow. Seems like there is still some time before the next big comp.


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