first test of a new character made tounight.
it will be a full body, textures are not finish for the moment.

Critics are most than welcome.:scream:



Wow very nice work!Amazing detail


Interesting model. I like it because you can see that there are clearly human features in the model, it’s not just an alien with excuses for things to be oddly shaped like, “Oh it was meant to be that way.” It shows a really good understanding of human anatomy. (In a good way of course) I absolutely LOVE the eyes. I think they came out really great.

The only thing that looks strange to me, is on the ears, it looks like the textures are stretched a tiny bit. Other than that I’d love to see you texture some veins in those ears, because I see you spent the time to put them in with Zbrush. Bravo though, looking forward to seeing the rest of the model.


Fantastic! A really believable and engaging character


Indeed This is very nice. Keep it up. The eyes feel very natural.


Is this boogger ???


yzdyzdyzdyzd1124n thank you !

colarn42, yes the ears nead more work, i will add some veins, fur etc… and change the structure. thank for you constructive critic ! :wink:

Mattattattatt, thank you, this is what i am trying to do in this one. putting some life in it .

Brodix, thank you too !

CodeVeroby, yes it is ! slurrrrpp !!

next update at the end of the week. i am working on a video for this “crazy” man :scream::



hahahah i really like “” la morve “” coming out of his nose
did you consider to change the size and form of his eyes just a little …
to reinforce the ‘’ bovine ‘’ aspect ?


Looks Cool Marc ! I would really like to see where you will go with it !


xtrm3d, thank you my friend :beer: , i made some test with the bovine aspect of his eyes, but he loose is human feeling. (en gros mes 1ers tests etais plus dans le style bovin/alien, mais j’avais une tof de michel galabru jeune (si si ca existe) a coté de moi… je ne sais pas, l’inspiration à parfois des origines improbables:scream:).

gpepper, Thank you too ! me too me too :slight_smile: in fact i dont really know where i am going with it, the only thing i know is that he will have a girlfriend. avec un beau sourire et de jolies boucles d’oreilles en forme de boite de fromages.

here is a very little update. first test of fur,more details on ears and face.

sorry for my super bad english.


This guy looks very creepy, which means he is very successful. Great work :slight_smile:

Lips seem a bit dry to me


Thank you Xtitan ! i will correct the lips asap. your wip is great too !

little update. no fur for the moment and mental ray draft mode.

c’est l’heure de la traite !


hhahh your vache qui rit … is really freackish … i dont know why … but i can really picture here with a full latex body suite … and all the toys , that go along … cool


so good! Your work is always brilliant. The skin shader is great, very realistic model and renders.


amazing work… really nice… looks like a realistic one… keep posting… :slight_smile:



salut Marc
hey ca pete , ptin les yeux je tombe la , on dirais des vrai , que dire meme on croirais du toshop , vrai superbe , le reste de la texture est splendides le front , tue !
je supose que tu n’as pas encore tt tes maps , ( les levres meriterais un poils de spec )
de meme que le SSS est ptre encore un peu en low res

assure en tt cas , finit le , ( ou finit la :p) , y a comme un truc tres prometteurs derrieres
gros up dans tt les cas , ca devient reel !

bonne continuation et encore bravo


what program are you using to make/light this model ? … and I love the red one too ,Great work :slight_smile: 5 stars.


Oh merde, je croyais que la vache qui rit était une vache, en fait c’est un taureau gay…


some of the most realistic eyes i’ve seen in a long time.
honestly if it wasn’t for the eyes i probably wouldn’t have posted.
please don’t touch the eyes or the eye area, they pull you in.

awesome job