Metropolis, Maciej Kuciara (2D)


Title: Metropolis
Name: Maciej Kuciara
Country: Germany
Software: Photoshop

This is futuristic vision of urban metropolis inspired with cities like Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shanghai, etc. Bit darker and gloomy version of it.
I used photos and textures to create underlay composition with high intensity of dappled detials on top of which I’ve created shapes and atmospherics. It’s unusual way in which I do concepts, since I prefer to start with very ‘traditional’ way of doin things -> paint big shapes, then go into details. Was good exercise thou.
You can check little making of steps here:


Cool stuff. I really like the overall colour palette. I find the composition a little strange, a bit unusual. But it’s a nice piece of work.

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Amazing work. Respect !!!


beautiful work! great atmosphere, colors, and many details! Congratulation!


beautiful work :slight_smile:


Maciej, you’re absolutely one of the digital artists I most admire. Your technique is really inspiring. Keep doing what you do best!


ah love the mood you have rendered very nice



wow man i relly have to say wow … wow man u relly push the limit 10/10


Absolutely fantastic, it evokes strong feeling in me. The dense area makes the human life so vulnerable.


pretty cool piece! i like the mood very much.



really good work, impressive


Wow. What I really like most about this image is that it shows a great amount of detail but it still stays very clean in its execution while still giving the impression of rough stroking…somehow (maybe it´s indeed the color palette). Love it :thumbsup:


Wow. I mean, very wow. Very very wow.


I envy your texture work there. Thankyou so much for putting up the making of.

Very helpful. :slight_smile:


I also like the color pallete, is kind of subtle, but is beautiful.

The place, the textures, sharpness of the image, the scale, depth… very nice. I like the characters too, not sure about their role but it gives more life to the scene.

many details that make the image very unique… the clothes hanging on the windows, advertising

I’m glad to see this kind of stuff, very very inspiring man



Simply beautiful!
You’re technique is great. Perfectly mixing cg painting with matte painting to produce incredibly rich detail everywhere!


Man, o.O !!


Awesome image Maciej. Beautiful…


Haah, that’s cool! I like the outlook of the future you made. it reminds me some movies, but still looks pretty original.


nice job~like it