Methods for fading out objects in C4D


HEy guys. This has been a challenge since day R6.

What is the best way to fade an object out that has the following:

Reflection, transparency, refraction, absorption, cast shadows and has AO applied.

Using the display tag always leaves a pop at the end as does animating shaders (alpha and transparency)

I usually resort to handling this sort of thing in post via 2 render passes.
Wondering if theres some other way that I’ve missed over the years.


With all those, especially shadows and AO, I’m pretty sure its two passes and fade in post. Which is to say, I haven’t found a good way to do it “in camera”.


THANKS. Yes I cant imagine there could be another way to do it. unless there was some kind of fancy setup or plugin I didnt know about. Just thought I;d ask.


External compositing is the real answer. You could use a compositiing tag if it werent transparent (hide itself from its own transparency), but this would be impossible with a glass object.

Also, enable transparency check in the ambient occlusion settings.