Metegol (Foosball) teaser


Click on the image to take a look at the teaser.


Here I found a brief making of, though some of the shots are outdated.



It seems euronews had some cover on the project. Some insight about the production.


Seems really nice, can’t wait to watch it, what studio is behind this ? :slight_smile:


The studios behind it are Catmandu and The SPA Studios.

It is mainly based on the argentinian studio, which is Catmandu, and the SPA Studios (Spain based). It is a co production and SPA is in charge of part of the animation, the Sergio Pablos studio. It is the biggest animated movie ever done down here in Argentina, so we're hopping it turns out as good as posible. There's a lot of talent from abroad as well. Cheers!


Looking forward to that. Well done.


Amazing, I have all faith in Sergio Pablos, it will be amazing for sure.


Yeah, they’re doing an amazing job! The whole animation team I mean. :slight_smile:


Hello there, there’s new images of the movie in the new teaser, check it:



Official trailer:
Almost there.



This looks really cute.
Nice stuff.


Minor gripe, but, I’ve never played on a foosball table where the ‘players’ had outstretched arms. That seems like it would redirect the ball to unwanted and unknown angles.

Otherwise the flick looks nice!


I remember thinking, before getting to work on it, how the hell are they gonna make characters out of foosball players, they don’t even have separate legs, not to mention arms. But I guess character design needs some creative freedom to make a movie work.

We’re all pretty excited about this, it might not look like the big blockbusters but for us in Argentina (or maybe even Latin America), is a very big deal to work on something like this. Cheers!


It looks like a phenomenal achievement. Great pictures and trailer. I hope the story is on par and the movie does well.

The Argentinean accent sounds very funny to my hear too (I’m used to traditional euro-Spanish accent). Best of Luck with that.

I like that the characters look like 70’s and 80’s players with moustache and funny haircuts.


Wow, that’s a really nice looking trailer. It feels good to see such high quality feature animation being done in a country other than the usual US, UK or Australia.


Yeah the look of the characters was intended like that, as it is a homage to a very famous writer who used to tell stories from that era (which in soccer terms, was pretty important for Argentina). Thanks for the good vibes!

Well thank you Leigh, here we’re praying the movie does pretty good in the theaters expecting to keep working such projects.

I’ve heard the movie won’t have a release in the US, as it requires the really big bucks, plus I think the theme generally speaking won’t attract large numbers of people there in the US (soccer IS a big thing down here, and the foosball tables are a tradition in sport clubs and even hotels). So I guess there’s not that much of a market loss in this case.

I have to say though, there has been talent from all around the world, so to say the movie is argentinian might not be entirely accurate (we had some talent from Illion, SPA studios was strongly involved in the animation area, also some french guys who worked on “A monster in Paris” and happy feet as well. Italy was present as well and one brazilian guy too!). I guess that’s the case for most movies anyway.

Hopefully, there will be more to come, time will tell.
I promise to link the english trailer once is out (there’s an spanish as well as a latin american neutral spanish, english and even portuguese version!). I though it would be ready by now. I think most of the users around here haven’t understood a word from the trailer (not to mention that the argentinian accent isn’t easy even for spanish speakers).

Long post, I’m done now.
Thanks for chiming in!


Looks pretty good. My thoughts about the characters were exactly the same, loved the funny haircuts and 'staches. They all seem very entertaining. Portugal is also a country with foosball tradition, so I can easily relate to the theme. Will it be in theaters in Portugal? (I know you mentioned a portuguese version, is it actually Portuguese or a Brazilian one?)


I think it was brazillian voices, I can’t really tell the difference between the two (pardon my ignorance).

Last time I’ve checked, Portugal is in the list of theatrical release. What I don’t know is if you’re having an European portuguese. Just out of curiosity and ignorance, is latin american and european portuguese that different? I mean, can you understand brazilians? Spanish is a lot different, but we can understand it perfectly, but I don’t remember having a release in european spanish down here.


Yes we understand it clearly. It’s basically like British and American versions of English. Spanish (American or European) is also fairly understandable to us. Personally I don’t tend to appreciate Brazilian versions that much, but I liked the trailer so I might see it if it comes out in here. Also I can relate to the “this is an important step for our country in this business” argument, so I gladly contribute to endeavors like this.


I just read an email that said there’s a deal with Portugal for the release, so I think they have taken into account the language (as in, I don’t think they’ll release the brazilian version in Portugal, worst case scenario you’ll get a subbed version? But then they’ll leave kids out of the show). I appreciate very much your support for developing markets! Cheers pal!