Metamorphosis, Christopher Kowal (3D)


Title: Metamorphosis
Name: Christopher Kowal
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, Mudbox, Photoshop, VRay

This is work based on Franz Kafka’s metamorphosis. I decided to capture the moment when Gregor first wakes up and realizes he has transformed into an insect. C & C are welcome.


Wonderful Kafka Illustration. Would be great if you improve the fabric. Also the lighting could be improved. Keep on working at that image! Please!


Thank you very much for your feedback.


Lol, really nice concept, maybe adding an AO pass, to have a bit of shadow in the corners of the ceiling would help with the lighting, but what I think would really improve this picture, is showing the difference of weight, as you have this huge insect on the bed but the bed matress seem like theres nothing on the bed, the insect should be kind of “sinking” a bit in the mattress.
A part from that I think its looking great, really love the insect and the pose :)!!!


ha very cool!
almost has a bit of stop motion feel to it.


Great scene i like it :smiley:


Thanks everybody for your comments.

@copain. I was subtlety trying to achieve that.

@CG Creator. Thanks for the weight tip.


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