Metal Orbit


I did this for a class project where we had to make a repeating metal like texture in Photoshop. I took it one step furthur and made a little scene out of it. Total time is about 2hrs in Photoshop. Render time was about 3min.

Any comments are greatly welcomed.

And one with a flare.


Gee, over 160 views and no comments. My work isn’t that great.


wow it reminds of that great scene of the second deathstar. great work

this is not something i want to say b/c of what i went through the other day, but a bumb map on the ship would be nice, and i think it would really add to the scene


can u share a little about how u make tilable texture tile while making them look all random???


wow really nice…im guessing it was done in Max?..i really like the black and white grayscale on the image :applause:


Really nice, but ehm i can see the uac logo and that is the logo of company in Doom ]|[ that runs the facility on mars, great texture by the way.


Just a little suggestion: Move the Union Aerospace Corporation Logo onto one of the dark tiles, so it’s easier to read and doesnt have on of the lights in it.


Yeah that is the logo of UAC from Doom, Doom3 to be exact.



How is that? I moved the Logo onto the panel to the right. I also made it color, I think it kinda defines it and gives the scene a bit of drama.


It looks nice now. I like it, good work!


the shadow between the mon and your ship not realist but your pic very nice :slight_smile:


You may want to play with the contrast to really get some nice brights and some really dark darks the image looks like it exists in all midtones. You mentioned that you wanted it more dramatic and that is usually a good way to do it!


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