Metal Gear Rex


Hi all:

Metal Gear Rex is from one of my all time favor video-games - Metal Gear Solid. I have been search for it’s action figure or toy over the internet. All I can find are paper model or someone built it with Lego which BTW is a really nice work. Even after Metal Gear Solid 4, there is still no news if Rex will be produced as toy. Therefore I decided to build it in 3D and maybe one day I can have it printed for my own collection.

There is not much information on it, except the hand sketches from the MGS artbook but with a lot of discrepancy between each drawings. So I need to improvise some areas.
Currently, it’s about 40% done and it has been on hold for a week because of work. There are still quite a few components to be built and wish I can finish it so. I know there are a lot of Metal Gear Rex fans out there and hope you will like it.


awsome work man! :wink:


Nice model :slight_smile:


Oh my god, a Rex figure ? I would buy that without a second hesitation :stuck_out_tongue:

nice job !

Man actually driving Rex in MGS4 was so awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


WOW… Nice model man!


Wow! Great work! Very technical modeling, looks like you’re making the bluesheets for mass production. Don’t forget the RailGun and you can model Fox as well if you want to…:cool:

Impressive amount of details
Keep em coming.


Killer work so far!


So Cool for detail


MGS is allso one of my favorite video games, I hope you finnish it.

I’ll be wathing you Snake!!! Understend!!!



I was thinking about modeling rex for a while there. Its the only Gear design worth modeling. I wasnt a big fan of the Gears in MGS4, the ones with the sexy legs. But this is definately a great start.

btw…what types of lights did you use for your renders?


Hi guys:

Thanks for all your support. I am a little busy for the coming week. Right now I am working on the Rex’s backpack. Hopefully I can show some update soon. : )

All critics are welcome!!


great work so far! I guess everyone knowing metal gear loves the good old Rex:) When I was younger and playing MGS1 I made the metal gear rex from Lego:) Do you want to texture him as well? You could make a great scene:) keep it up

BTW if you print this in 3d, please make one copy for me:)


I have asked my friend in LA who has a 3D printer about the price to print Rex. I want to print it in size around 12" x 12" x 12". He said if I want to keep all the details it will need a high quality printer. And depends on the clean up work, it might cost me around 2 - 4 thousands US dollar. :surprised Maybe I should build it with clay…


This is badass. Nice detail. I’m looking forward to an update.


Hi all:

For the last 3 weeks I only had a few night free to work on the Rex. Here are the update pictures.


wow this is really great, considering there isn’t that much reference of Rex out there. I love the details, can’t wait for you to texture it. I love Rex more than Ray. Don’t forget the laser gun underneath his mouth. Good luck and keep up the great work.


fantastic modeling… metal gear solid… one of my favourite games ever!
i like it! i follow your thread!


Thanks for all your comment.

The backpack is still WIP. It is quite difficult to build. Not because of the detail but the proper scale. The sketches I found show different size and proportion. I tried a few option and this looks the best to me. But now the hip looks too small. The whole thing feels like off balance. Too heavy at the backside. I think I need to shift the hip further to the back. Please give me suggestion/comment.

About the laser gun below the head, I have built it already. You can see it in the first image. It’s relatively small therefore hard to see the detail.


metal gear, awesome. Model is looking very good.


Here are some update