messiah: DMorph and sliders


can anybody explain how i can control morphsequences with sliders?

best regards


Already gave u an answer in the Messiah Mailing list, in case u didn´t read it ill post it here again:

I dont think this is possible with DMORPH (could be completly wrong though)

One solution (if possible) is to load all of your Morphs into Sliders with
MorphBlender effect, probably u have to use more than one Slider if u have
lots of Morphs, then go to negative Keyframes and yes keyframe all those
Sliders one by one. With Expressions tie those MorphBlender Sliders to
another Slider, use this new Slider to drive the other sliders. You wont see
the Moph Blender Slider update but they are being updated, only it´s not
shown on the viewports.

It is a lot of work if u have Tons of Morphs, but it´s the only thing i can
recall right now.

Best of Luck



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