messiah and xp64


Anyone sucessfully running messiah as a LW plugin to either the 32bit or 64 bit version of LW in xp64?

I can get the main app running, but not as a plugin to Lw32 in either 8.3 or 8.5



I don’t have any pb with LW 32 8.5 and Messiah Studio Pro 2.2.

Have you load the Messiah plugin from the Layout ?



are you on xp64? I keep getting a module could not load error…



we have plans to move over to 64 as well, i really hope it works ok, not expecting a port or anything, just working in windows 64 with no problems.


Oups sorry :blush:

Messiah seems to work well with XP 64 but LW 64 can’t load the messiah plugin. I haven’t tried LW32 on XP64 yet.
The connection between Messiah/Layout 64 with XP64 don’t work for me.

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