Messiah 3 - direct X export missing?


I can’t seem to find the direct X export. The 2.5 docs show it as being under the Customize tab. But under the Customize tab in v3.0 I only have the following selections:
Auto Save
Host Manager
KeyCommand Manager
Model Lights
Motion Dump

Was directX export moved somewhere else? Or did my install just fail to add this under the customize tab? Anyone else have this problem with v3?


I can’t find the directx export block either. I may need that soon. Anybody know where it is now?


Err, maybe it got missed in the installer. I’ve never used it but try just copying DirectXExport.dll from your old messiah copy to the new under messiah\modules\customize\
Shows up in the interface at least then. (and I don’t think there are any compatibility issues)


I don’t have 2.5 I am a new user. How do I get the dll please?


ah i downloaded 2.5c and installed it on my system so i could get directx, guess i’ll keep it there if anything else comes up. Hope this works :slight_smile:


Just to make it clear I won’t be held responsible if summat is broken. I just thought that would work due to how I imagine messiah working. Not much expert knowledge going into this particular piece of info.


Oh well, directx exports with no uv’s and the mesh is all exploded. The bones animation is fine though.

Any ideas from anyone how to get a messiah animation with model out to any format? I can import tons of formats to ultimate unwrap so it is pretty open then I can export to collada as I want.

If there is any way I would appreciate it.



I do not think that there is another streamlined way at the moment.

First you should write to Pmg about this uv issue in directx exporter.
Second you should try attaching your original model to exported directx animation in another application.
If you have Lightwave I think that lightwave host connection can handle motion data as well.


Ah ok

The “exploding mesh” was a result of bones that i scaled in messiah to influence the mesh. Guess that is a no no for directx. I will write pmg about uv’s.


Hi, I have the same problem with the direct x exporter, i can´t see it below the customize tab. I was try to copying DirectXExport.dll from messiah 2.5 to the 3.0, but when It starts, the direct x exports is invisible …

Any idea¿?


What I do is:

• I keep a static .obj model with UVs on its full glory.

• Export that UV in Unwrap 3d (.buv).

• In Messiah, export it as directX.

• Now load (Unwrap 3d) the .x file, import the UV and drink coffee.

You can save it as an .x file again or to whatever format you desire.


And that method works with Messiah 3.0 Shadowfork?


I haven’t tested it since I did not upgrade to v3.

But the method works very well on v2.

There’s a high probability it should.

If the directx mesh used the same obj model, transferring UVs via Ulitmate Unwrap should do it.

I urge v3 users to verify this.


Actually, I’m anxious to know if the DirectX plugin works on v3.

Otherwise I’ll keep running on v2, hehehehe.

Someone please let us know if you successfully installed and make it run well on the new version.


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