Message, Piotr Sokolowski (2D)


Title: Message
Name: Piotr Sokolowski
Country: Poland
Software: Photoshop

Beijing 2039! Young aristocrat lady waiting in heavy rain for her lover. From nowhere apear robot servant with message that he who she waiting for never comes… I wanted to try paint rain, water and wet surfaces. Hope i made it. Regards to all!


Nice scenario!
this picture is really good, but if the future would look like that… well, let’s just say I’m not looking forward for it lol.


Hi Piotr,

Well you definitely painted the rain nicely, and the mood is very well integrated.
I feel to capture that everything is drenched, you should add the little details like
a bunch of smaller beads of rain still clinging to the car, small streams of water running off
the arms of the robot and more dark coverage on the bottom of the ladies dress where
there is likely to have been a lot of water splashing on it.
you can definitely render very well! this piece is quite good!. keep it up.

-Nick Silva


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