Meshtools with max 5 ?


Do they work with max 5 ? and cs polytools ?

I heard max 5 has some of these tools but not all of them.


Meshtools 3.0 is included in Max 5 - though well hidden.

Max CD2\Scripts\Samples\

Unzip, install, enjoy :slight_smile:


GREAT!!! I´ve been looking for them :slight_smile: TNKS


Max 5 does come with meshtools 3, I wouldn’t say it’s hidden=) it’s on the second CD. BTW I don’t think meshtools 3 is compatible with CSpolytools, I haven’t tried it yet though.:bounce:


Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


don’t u know if is it possible to find it also onthe web somewhere to donwload it^?
thank u .


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