Mesh with Separate Parts


How does MB handle separate parts for a model? For example, how would I export my model (which uses Sub-ds) and has separate teeth, tongue and eyes?



stick it all in 1 file and use morphs to animate your facial features.

that should work.


Hi Bobzilla,

Motionbuilder currently does not support Sub Divisional Surfaces. What you can do in this case is rebuild the surface as a NURBS or Poly surface.

As far as handling the seperate parts of your face, Motionbuilder’s facial tools can deal with multiple models, using blend shapes or clusters.



CurtisG: Thanks for the replies! The model I have has separate eyes, tongue and teeth. Can MB deal with that? Do they need to be rigged separately? I understand MB can do facial animation and lipsyncing, but this is strictly just movement, not morphing or amything.



I’ve rigged eyes as separate objects in motionbuilder, and the way I did it isparenting them to a bone in the head and using IK constraints to make them “lookat” something. You should be able to do th e same with other body parts.

Have you tried just exporting the sub-d model to MB? It won’t be sub-d, but it should be polys, and definately animatable.


I’m using Cinema 4D and right now there’s no FBX support…soon, I’m told. I’m just trying to get a feel for the workflow. I have a dino, sub-d, boned, mapped, textured, and rigged. I just ant to see how much I’d have to change (or anything) to get it in and out of MB.


Hi Bob -
VTM #3 from 3DBuzz should answer all your questions.



I thought #3 was Constraints? Well, I just ordered them all on CD. Not sure when I’ll get them, though.

Thanks for the info…


Hi bobzilla,

Motionbuilder can handle these seperate objects no problem. You can use a variety of ways to manipulate these objects, including constraints, relations and groups. If you run into any issues, shoot me a message and I’ll walk you thru it.



Thanks, CurtisG. As soon as Maxon finishes the FBX plugin, I’ll probably have some questions. I’ve learned how to do what I need in Cinema, now I’ll have to learn how to do it in MB.


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