mesh deformed after opening in 64bit version of 3dsmax



i have a (relatively) fine modelled angle drill in 3DS Max 2011, done in 32bit version on Vista. however, when i open the same file on my 3dsmax 2011 64 bit on Win7, i get a nastily deformed mesh and, well, i’m more than sad about it (since i should render it - a school project).


is there any way to save it? :frowning:

thanks for any answers.
(yes, i still can work on my 32bit laptop’s Max, but…)


What if you convert to mesh in 32bit before the turbosmooth and open that in the 64bit version? I remember there are some issues at one point related to poly, but can’t remember when it was introduced and/or fixed. Do both versions of 2011 have all SP and HF applied, or do you know?



Does turning off the turbosmooth fix it?

Maybe just put a new smooth on it?


Make sure your units are the same in all versions of max that you are trying to open this with. This happens to me from time to time and that fixes it 98% of the time



thanks for all the replies,

even if i set the same system units, the model gets deformed on the 64bit machine. its structure is a Box with Edit Poly modifier and a MeshSmooth over it; converting the whole thing into an editable poly does solve the issue, but apparently i lose all the comfortable editing capabilities.

AFAIK, i don’t have any turbosmooth on; and i don’t seem to understand why would a new Smoothing modifier help.


AFAIK, i don’t have any turbosmooth on; and i don’t seem to understand why would a new Smoothing modifier help.

It’s a bug. Applying a new TS or MS is done quicker than typing that line(unless you used Creases in MS).

Delete the sooth, collapse the Box->Edit Poly into an Editable Poly and re-apply a TS or MS.


Simplest way to check for 64 vs 32 bit, Max installation fault, or any other thing would be just posting the max-file here so everyone could check and report…


i’ve encounted this in the past and someone has already mentioned it, its the edit poly modifier coming from 32bit to 64bit. delete TS/MS if they are above the edit poly and collapse the model to poly of mesh then resave.


sure, here it is this is the one that opens up wrong on 64bit machine.

and removing the smooth modifier from stack, opening in Max and saving it there with a new smooth modifier makes sense. i just initially thought that i should apply another smooth on top of the stack, over the old one; that’s why it didn’t make sense to me :smiley:


looking at that file there is no need to keep the box under the edit poly. i don’t get why some many people model like that, there is no need. on the 32bit version of Max collapse the model with MS/TS off to a mesh or poly (your preference), than save the file and open in 64bit Max and the model is fine, there is no other way to do it.


I had a director say to me once, “I need this model 10% happier, a version that’s 25% more evil, and one that is 4% bolder.”

Now wtf that means I don’t know. But I used 3 or 4 edit poly modifiers, each with a different edit so he could click them off and on and pick which one to use for round 2.


i understand using it for that purpose, i use it for experimenting and even for morph targets, but i hate when i see someone start with a box or cylinder or whatever, then put an edit poly modifier and work on a model that ends up completely different from the starting primitive…theres no need for it. if you were to go to the starting primitive and add segments to it it would reorder the vertex and completely mess up the model at the edit poly level. thats what i’m saying…theres no need, its unefficent and has no purpose when used like that.


Collapsing to the edit poly modifier (in 32 bit Max ) cures all problems when loading the file in 3ds Max x64 for me. Companioncube is right in principle, a model’s stack has to be cleaned off unnecessary (and possible destructive ) entries, if it’s done or given away. But as this is a WIP and personal file, it should’nt be of any relevance, the problem on the other hand between 32 bit <> 64 bit Max is …


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