Mesh Check shortcut / toggle script (?)



Been a while…

When polygon modelling, welding points, extruding edges etc. I sometimes find it helpful to switch on the Mesh Checking in order to see Boundary Edges and more. I’ve searched for the CallCommand number on Maxons SDK site in order to make a quick python script / keyboard shortcut allowing me to quickly turn on - or- off the “Enable Mesh Check” Unfortunately, couldn’t find it…

Does anyone here know how to access that command? - or know the python access to it?

Input appreciated. :slight_smile:
Best Regards / Alex


I’m afraid there is no option for now. Unless Maxon added something new in the last version. From the python, there was no way to get to it, at least as I was looking before.


you can add easily “enable mesh check” to the HUD - then can quickly toggle mesh check on and off right in the viewport


Try to contact them at


Hi Alex,

perhaps this little script does what you’re looking for:

import c4d
from c4d.modules import snap
def main() :
    bc = snap.GetSnapSettings(doc)
    bc.SetBool(c4d.MESH_CHECK_ENABLED,not bc.GetBool(c4d.MESH_CHECK_ENABLED))
    snap.SetSnapSettings(doc, bc)
if __name__=='__main__':