Merry Xmas / Happy new year


Hey Everyone…

As the year is growing to a close, i’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays and a Fantastic / Happy new year!

Hopefully sometime after xmas/new years when we’re all finished stuffing our faces with food and booze maybe organising a meetup would be a thought?

being a student i have limited knowledge of the Working year but if anyone wants to shoot off a msg in regards to a meetup or something, im all for it :slight_smile: would love to meet / greet alot of you boys and girls :slight_smile:

Anyhow, best wishes



I’m going to try to organise a sketchgroup through January (since I’ll have some time).


Merry Christmas all!


:scream: Merry Christmas :scream:

May The Force Of CG Be With You All.



Merry Christmas to Everyone!
The best is yet to come in 2006. :slight_smile:


May your wishes come true (all of them…) and always be in good health…and have fun .

Merry Christmas CGTalk…:bounce:


It’s the Greek nut! :bounce:

Merry Christmas / Happy Hannukah / Happy Kwanza / etc. to everyone! :love:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Nollaig shona duit!

I can’t believe we’re nearly in 2006. 2005 was the fastest year in the history of mankind.

Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!


My first year as a dad… gddamn, I’m so proud of myself :smiley:

Best of wishes to all CGtalkers, may we all produce great art!


Merry Christmas to all! … Congrats Marlon :smiley:


To all my brothers and sisters in CGl, have a Happy New Year!


Sounds like a good idea. How about we all meet at a walk-in clinic where we can get treated for gout* at the same time? :smiley:

Yes, a wonderous season to all! Merry Christmas!

*-effect from consuming too much rich foods and liquor.


heh gout… really hope i dont get that one… :confused:

on a side note, i thought i posted this msg in the australian chapter forum, dunno why we got others posting but what the hell :smiley:

Happy Holidays!


Originally posted by Tyrinid: on a side note, i thought i posted this msg in the australian chapter forum, dunno why we got others posting but what the hell :smiley:

Happy Holidays!

:wise: Because each and every one of us…in some small way…is a little bit Australian. :wise: :smiley:

Cheers, fellow Aussie! :scream:



Oooops sorry, didn’t see that Aussie Chapter title!! :surprised
I feel like a silly Kangaroo…


Don’t worry, Marlon…Australians are peace loving peoples. :smiley: Which is comforting since we’ve crashed the party. :smiley: :scream:


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, people!

ps. while talkin with paperclip i came up with the idea
of makin a Christmas donation and all I donated today
I dedicate to you CGTalk people for making this a very
fun and friendly place to hang around :thumbsup:



…'cuase we are so geeks and eager to write something ( fingers issue…probably bug :scream: ) so we came in Australia and wrote …Mery Christmas…:bounce:


we greeks need to say merry christmas and happy new year to everyone (probably a greek genetic defect )

so merry christmas and happy new year to all :smiley:


Very marry X-Mas CGS dudes and sheilas :thumbsup:

And all the best to the New Year! :buttrock:

I’d also like to wish all the best to /BALLISTIC/ to rock on the CG world! :buttrock: