Mermaid, Pascal Blanché (3D)


long time I didnt post anything here :wink:


I love the details (in the jewelry and the sinews visible at the elbow), only towards the hands, the details seem to stop and the fingers look too round, and lacking any detail. Otherwise, the look of the mermaid is unique, fortunately not the typical “blonde caucasian human”. Good work!:thumbsup:


:eek: Is all I gotta say about that. I love her outfit! And nice concept on her head with the tentacles and such.



awsome mermaid…the detalis are great also the light…
the only thing i hade to say is that i got a little feeling of cartoon over the tentacles…

but still love it! :scream:



You may want to check your image links in Gallery 1 of your website Pascal. The last images just bring up one jpeg again and again.


WOW! this one is so cool!! Reminds me a bit of the water people in zelda… But damn…thats some fine lighting u got going on there! I love the tentacles on her head as well! I agree with the hand crits, but still, it is a tremendous work of art!


I’m waiting for some details on this model…

hurry up Pascal…

just kidding :wip:



Awesome work Pascal!

Could we see some more angles and some wire maybe?
The one thing that is the deformation of the tentacule over her shoulder it’s a bit weird! But really cool!

:beer: :thumbsup:


GREAT!! , i love the weight of the tentacles and the pearlescant skin. One hell of a character Sir :stuck_out_tongue:


OMFG!! You are one talented ***** pascal! I love this piece of work! :wink:


Originally posted by Gamoron

You may want to check your image links in Gallery 1 of your website Pascal. The last images just bring up one jpeg again and again. [/B]

how come?? everything is ok here … weird… did you try to hit the refresh button?

thx for the kind comments guys,
PS: BABY YOU ARE SOOO DEAD :stuck_out_tongue:


That is superb! a totally unique, and inspiring spin on an existing mythical character. beautifully done. I applaud you sir.:applause:

BTW, What .app, or .apps do you model in, and use?


Your name is a warranty Pascal. Nothing to say, you always amaze us. :thumbsup:


Pascal my friend,
that’s a beautifull piece man.

you’ve outdone yourself :slight_smile:

just one little thing that bugs me and that’s the suctioncups on the tentacle that’s draped over her shoulder, they look a little deformed.

other then that, BIG THUMBS up man.

glad to see you’re back on track.


Wow…look nice, and the detailling are attract me too…but i can saw something like the XSI demo character…Anyway,maybe its just my own opinion lar…


Keep post, thanks


:bounce: good to see your works again.


always a treat!




beautiful work! i love the details on her jewelry and her unique look!



Great model !
But i don’t feel the pascal blanché style !
(je trouve le rendu trop brut pas aussi travaillé que tes oeuvres precedantes).


Very cool design. I love the detail and decor of her jewelry as well as her outfit. Its nice and unique. Great work man! :applause: