Merlad_blord, Timur (3D)


15 to 20 minutes isn’t bad at all! I was wondering how well it preserves the pixel/polygon size ratio though??, …could that method be used in something like games? It looks like in some areas polygons take up a lot of space compared to how big they are on the model.

for single mesh UV’s I just port the darn thing into Maya then spit it back out, making UV’s in 20 minutes in LW is amazing, …I gotta try that method. :slight_smile: I’d also be totally interested in seeing how you approach a full character. What’s your typical polycount range for a bi-ped humanoid?

I’ll be looking forward to the DVD’s!


Yeah, we mere mortals, will buy big chief dvd’s. :frowning: (I’ve read your edited post about Meni)


Nice work!


Zombietic…Yup, well, turned out to be a bit more about myself, huh?! :hmm:
I just hope this little remark makes him start (edit: NOT) to worry, HAHAHA! Nuthin’ ta worry about, Meni! :smiley:


Oh, and thanx, Drew! :bounce:



We pay for them, Timur and then we will know what you mean. Regarding your edit about Meni; sure, you can bet that are some artists that Do it for the community without money interests. But hey, you are in your right, you do what you want. You are very advanced in so many areas, but in others, you look very old-fashioned in my point of view.


What in the world is that supposed to mean? I’m kinda entertained by that, but how did you come to “old-fashioned” and also what does the “do things for community without money interest” mean in connection with both me or Meni? I mean, I’m basically tearing out my legs here and there to do things for the community, but I honestly am looking forward for getting kept alive by my wish to help 3D artists out there! It’s the hope that people understand that they can get so much out of me, if they help me to focus on offering that service! And in Meni’s case I do not believe that it is really money interest, just in case it was ment to implicate that instead!? I think he’s after what so many of us artists are after and that is to have his work recognized and get a justification for continuingly pursuing this line of work. Everyone somehow finds his own approach to this and it may or may not feel great to everyone, but what it boils down to is this: We present our work and through it ourselves to the public and eventually have to deal with what comes back to us. And I believe that an artist should not rely on the public’s opinion or anything else but his own instincts in order to keep up his potential to present genuine work of art as it was inspired by his original motivation. Just consider a “her” of all the “his’” as well…
How on earth did I get to all of that now…hmmm…anyway…doesn’t matter, what matters most is: HUH?!
And yeah, I’d love for you to elaborate on the old-fashioned part…I’m not yet sure whether that’s supposed to be something good or bad?! Hihihi…


Hi Taron… great work!!!

Am I getting this right, you are creating a morph map and then you use the modeler’s tools to form the morph to a flat. After that you pull a planar uv-map of that morph and you are ready to paint…
And how would you put this together in case for lightwave. Would you still keep the morph and attach this map planar to the morph or directly to the object?

Regarding the topic “money interests” and yadayada…
We are talking about a 3d special fx artists who used to work for the industry and is willing to show and share his knowledge and supports people in answering there questions. There are not much people making art on that level that explain things over and over again and do not get tiered of motivating people… and giving them creative insperation through the art and technical inspiration in showing workflows and presenting tips and tricks. So instead of kvetching we should appreciate that artists like to share and start from that point and develop own techniques and workflows…

So rock on TARON…


just have something to say , Menis way is not Menis invention , he just posted something with more polygons than the 6 ones of a cube , and sometimes the old way is the good way as long as it gets you there in the best possible way , my 2 cents ,

Taron Man you rock… did you learn all those un-natural abilities from a Jedi , no wait … dhu
never mind :D…



I’ve given up on your 3D work(its just too dam perfect and now its starting to look like your paintings), rather I am a diehard fan of your 2D work. Am I not mistaken, is the character we see here in this post (so dam perfectly created) not this character seen here…
Exhibit T

You guys should pressure Taron to do more 2D work. I’ve had enough of his 3D work, soon he’s going to build entire scenes out of just 1 displaced polygon or better yet a single null volumeterically displaced (trust me I know its on the horizion, just look at the eye shader).



I think Taron is a great 3d artist, and this is an area we need more people like him, i know he’s a busy guy, but sharing some secrets with the community wouldn’t kill him. I never saw a single tutorial at his website, if i’m not mistaken he only shared a plugin (partial) of his sss fake one.


Zombie -

At this point it’s glaringly obvious that you are just a troll.

But it does give me the opportunity to tell you a little about Taron because you are so off your mark. Taron always amazes me how willing he is to go out of his way to explain his methods and ways of working. Which is great because he is continuosly innovating and coming up with things that you would never never even think of. You should feel greatfull that he tells you anything. He doesn’t owe you a thing.

It sounds like you have paid very special attention to everything that he does…Taron is happily married - he’s not interested in you.

Go back under your bridge.


Onestly Taron is My BEST inspiration!!..I Really love Taron’s works!!Tanks to you Timur!!



Zombie -

At this point it’s glaringly obvious that you are just a troll.

- Thanks.

But it does give me the opportunity to tell you a little about Taron because you are so off your mark. Taron always amazes me how willing he is to go out of his way to explain his methods and ways of working.

- Maybe to his buddies. Sorry if the rest of us live " Under the bridge ".

Which is great because he is continuosly innovating and coming up with things that you would never never even think of. You should feel greatfull that he tells you anything. He doesn’t owe you a thing.

- Everybody inovates. Some people think that they are the Michaelangelos of 3d, Meats, don’t inflate too much, you may explode.

It sounds like you have paid very special attention to everything that he does…Taron is happily married - he’s not interested in you.

- I was interested about his method of creating uvmaps like everyone else. Which he didn’t explained. He said: " I just need to get my friggin’ DVDs made, then it’s going to be much easier to explain what I mean. ".

Go back under your bridge.

- I hope you don’t fall from your pedestal. And by the way, i’m also happily married, but my woman doesn’t come here to defend me, i’m still able to do it myself. :rolleyes:


Zombie -

Thanks for the irrefutable proof that you are not a troll.
I stand corrected…



It’s a fact that he never posted a single tutorial in his webpage, these are also good artists that do it:

Lucky us, the people " Under the bridge " that can learn from this artists, i can only respect them more for doing it.



Let me tell you that Taron is the reason for my interest in Design/CG anything. He is a true friend, and he goes to his utmost limit to help out and encourage fellow artists. Just because he has no real tutorials on his site doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of teaching you something just as meaningful in his posts.

I’ve made a little video for you, which shows one of my models, I just ripped it apart quickly to show you the final steps of the process. Its a very maticulous process of moving points around and I hate it, but Taron will show everyone what he’s talking about when he produces his DVDs.

you can find that movie by clicking here
EDIT: This unwrap is in not what you want to bring into Zbrush and then to Messiah. You want to make sure the unwrap has no polygons that resemble the shape of the starTrek Logo.
Re: Full bodies,

Everything Taron does these days is simple, he builds what he needs to animate with and that’s it. His unwraps on full bodies looks amazing, painstaking but amazing.


excellent ! nice character ! Hum, nice, I don’t think it is the right word… :wink:


HaHahaha, I probably shouldn’t be laughing, but you guys are cracking me up, too, you know! But please, please, please, do me one favor: Don’t develop a beef over me and my failings!

I do regret sometimes that I havn’t stolen the time to make tutorials, but instead I take it to do some fancy fun little images or animations. It is my weakness, that I use my energy intensely for the things that I have to do and with the remains I like to explore what’s within me as an artist as opposed to a teacher. I love teaching and do it anytime I see the chance to. In my original website I wanted to have a big tutorial section, but never got to make any. I eventually gave up on that concept altogether, because I just knew how things go in my life and decided that when I am doing tutorials, I will do them big and long and as complete as I can in one big run. I don’t want to throw some “meaningless” snippits on there, that can not really satisfy the function they are supposed to fullfill. However, I had decided to make my new homepage really just a gallery. A chance for me to just share the stuff that comes from my heart and my true passion. It’s the chance to not just let it sit on a hard-drive till the day it has a headcrash (a fate that several of my pieces had already!).
Online I’ve spread a lot of information as I managed to write them. Just on CGtalk alone I have quite a few things buried within the threads, unfortunately, but they usually are specific to the problems people are having or for the soul purpose of inspiring as opposed to spoon feeding them. I don’t like that concept altogether, because people should always engage their own mind to discover the things they need in order to create what they want to create. I love showing the way, pointing out the direction and what to think about and try to cover what they’d need to know. I would never claim that I’m doing a good job in that, but it’s what my intentions are! Inspire! Maybe even motivate, hopefully motivate!
I find it flattering to see such fury over my failings, Zombietic, but I urge you to look around and inform yourself before you start making claims. What you can say and you have the right to say that for sure, is that I should at least put the tutorials that I wrote and the informations that I gave either directly on my website or at least put up the links to them. I’m glad I understand now why I didn’t understand exactly what you were talking about. But to clarify that once and for all: I HAVE NO 3D SECRETS! I share it all with great pleasure and I’m absolutely ecstatic to see how those, who know me are backing me up like that.
Very funny how this goes, a bizarrely disappointed artist in a growing rage triggers reactions from you that make me so deeply happy. If I hadn’t said that much already, I would have said I don’t know what to say.


Anyway, I can’t promiss anything right now, but I do take this complaint very seriously and see that I spend my time not in dumping three star images onto a gallery, but to organize the information I can give and make it available on my website. Oh, just one more thing. A lot of times I wasn’t sure if I had enough of a perfect way already explored to allow myself to teach it, because I’m always afraid that it may not help the progression of 3D as much, if I was leading people the wrong way. It is vital to me, that I at least know, that what I show is really pointing towards the right direction. By now I am much more confident, as I know the power of my current setup. The freedome and strength that comes with these techniques is so liberating and empowering, that I’m nearly fearless and certainly on top about the things I create. I know that if I get to fully make you understand how this all works, you will have the technical knowledge to get there, too. But don’t misunderstand the meaning of such tutorials and the ability of such tutorials. They can only help to bring out what’s within you. It’s your passion that has to be above all you may learn. Don’t blame it on information or missing information, if you don’t seem to get where you want to go. Instead understand this: A true artist never gets to where he wants to go, but the artist is never disappointed about it, but instead anxious, excited and happy to keep going on! So you might be surprised to hear how close you are to a true artist, just don’t be unhappy but progress! I’ve learned it almost all just by myself. I had no magic tutorial (except the rollercoaster car one in 1993 or so) and only had the desire to understand. Don’t ever rely on any information you find about a technique that you should use. That is total bull, really. I will present to you a technique that works for me beautifully and I’m confident it should inspire those, who weren’t aware of it, yet. But it still will not be the perfect solution for yourself! You have to take each and every tutorial as an inspiration instead of a guideline! All the real information you need is already there so you can make it all up yourself! But, again, I help with great pleasure!

Ah well…this is becoming more and more a subject for a conversation as opposed to a silly big-a$$ monoloque, so I’m sorry if I was preaching a little too much, but if anything it hopefully shows to you that I do care and I care a lot. And before any possible troll-like behavior kicks in from anyone, I’m not out to save my skin, infact, if you knew my skin, you’d know I don’t care about that! (can’t laugh)…so don’t pile up another hump of bad spirit on my behalf.

Meats, you give me reason to think about that sex-change operation…HAHAHA…but my wife just…won’t…let go…and I really got used to my own flat chest and you know all the rest, plus I don’t think your wife would like me anymore. Thank you for sticking up for me like that. Oh, and don’t think I misread anything, Zombietic doesn’t quite seem to be my type to begin with…HAHAHAHA (can laugh again!).

Crossbones…what the hell…I remember when people were telling me not to do graphics but music only and other would say it the other way around and it would always hurt me for one or the other side instead of making me happy. But you just managed to make it sound like the nicest compliment to abandon 3d. Thank you for that! But no! Plus, I’m not so good at that 2d stuff, yet. I look at Linda Bergkvist’s (Enayla) stuff and almost feel ashamed to even try, haha.

Don’t let all of that be yet another spark to start beefing around, please. That’s not a thread for a damn silly display of “rage”, but damn silly “art”. :smiley:


it’s not real that if some artist not write tutorial mean he not contribute to community, Taron share it’s knowledge every times he can, i was enought lucky to meet him for a week some years ago, i invite him for a week during a lightwave roadshow in italy, and i have a chance to know him a bit (in that period arrived with him also Meni and Richard suchy).

Taron and its wife are two beautiful people, wondeful people, rarely i meet a so great artist and so modest guy. i keep that week in heart like ones of best funny road show that i never did.

write tutorial is a very time consuming work, i did it for years, for magazine and for fun (on my old site, i translate in italian original tutorials, i wrote my own tutorial and more) for community. but the reason of that are that often i work far from home, and use my daily 2-3 hours of train to wrote tutorial and more.

i like a lot taron’s art, and he was ones of first that i see that build it’s style, and prodcue something that it’s very recognizable in it’s production, like meat, stalberg, and other some great artists.


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