Merlad_blord, Timur (3D)


Title: Merlad_blord
Name: Timur
Country: Germany
Software: Messiah:Studio

“Merlad Blord” actually went on his mission as the skipper on an inexpensive trading ship, more like a boat, when he suddenly encountered and fell for a mysterious woman, not knowing of her contageous condition!
For this image essential to me was the amount and clearity of details as they are ment to hold up to rather high resolutions. The full image is rendered at 2000x2737, although I made it to hold up even higher. To get these details I used Zbrush, after having modeled the initial cage in Lightwave. Eventually I brought it into messiah:Studio for rendering. The final render I color corrected using Photoshop to put a bit more drama into it. Although or even because it is ment to be rather comedic and not “real” for that matter.


Hi Taron, looking very nice model, the eye are fantastic very realistyc!!nice skin shader! you have some animation of this??
aniway nice work:thumbsup:



great work man, i like it. :slight_smile:


hey Taron,

It`s a pleasure to see your work, everytime ! Great expression and i do love the color scheme.

go on !



This is totally awesome buddy.


Thanx a lot, guys! Nope, I wasn’t even planning on animating this one. And that’s really ununsual, since I’m aiming for animation pretty much everytime, but this time it’s just a quick still. I did the whole piece yesterday in one straight 12hour dash actually. Urged by the need and wish to supply some characterwork for an upcoming book, actually. But I truely hate digging up old things to make them large, for most of them do not have the detail to hold up for print, really. So instead…here’s a new one. I’ve got to do a bunch of them, it’s really fun. I think it can happen even faster, but it is truely exhausting to get all the details…need to optimize my work methods, I think. But other than that…I’m kinda happy with it… :slight_smile:

I will post a few more renders on my website later…probably tonight or tomorrow…need to do some real work…hehe! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanx, again!



Good Work .

Is an autoportrait ? :smiley:

maybe the forhead could be more detailed , is seem very flat than the rest of the face.
background is … weird .

keep up a good work.


Yeah, it’s great that you notice, the forehead does have a lot less detail. Let me employ some entertaining explanation for why that might be…:
The absurd transformation pulls on the skin particularely in the back, which we can’t see, where a huge lump is forming, which weight stretches the skin over the back of the head so much so, that the wrinkles of the forehead get pulled flat. SO in fact all the detail is still there, only it is so stretched out, that the light blows it all out. Damn… :cool:
How’bout this one…I was so concerned to get the major focus of the image exciting enough within the 12 hours I stole to do it, that I left some of the less weight bearing areas open for comments and less distracting for those, who share the fun I had with the heavy detailed parts.

The background in fact is…weired. It’s like, like a sky and it’s sort of blue and then there are those things in it, like they are kinda clouds of some sort and it’s just…weired. :scream:
It’s truely not entirely appropriate, but I thought it was more exciting than a dull gradient, what do you think?

There are quite a few things I couldn’t take care of and in the rush didn’t even really notice. But now when I look at it, I see that his left ear is really in the dark, while the blue sky suggests a lot more lighting. Initially (4hours earlier) I decided to put him indoors, which is how the lighting is setup, too. But somehow in the dash I kinda skipped it. Sorry. :wip:

I promiss I’ll make a better more consistent one again very soon. :banghead:

Thanx for the feedback, though! :thumbsup:



NICE work, time and time again :slight_smile: Keep it up!


Mark Soon


Poor guy…

Was the LW cage dense this time or just 300 polys and the rest is displacement?

Cool work, Actually Id like to see him animated ;))))) might be funny :wink:



Amazing dude!:applause:
c ya


very niceeeeee. great man.


How can you explain 3 points, if almost everyone is saying how amazing this work is.
Shake these fake smiles away - see - I never wear one.

From me 5 points. 3 points are unfair to your artwork and many others. Very good piece in overall, very good execution, a bit problems with textures.
Very original work.


That is one ugly son of a bitch, nice job. Although I shouldn’t say that, there are people who actually suffer from this kind of deformations. Nice job!


Herbert, man…you know, I didn’t even pay attention to it, but you’re absolutely right. But you know, it’s not the best piece really…just entertaining and certainly from the heart. A fun thing. People can really say what ever they want, they just need to make up their mind if they think others should see that too, or not. I gave it out, you guys carry it where ever you want! :twisted:

:applause: you’re all so amazing, I’ll give you…like…4 stars! :smiley:

Thanx, Herbert. :love:


Hey Grzesiekj, it’s 326 Polygons in the original cage. I later decided to export a level up out of ZBrush, because I brought him into pose inside of Zbrush. After I got asked about animations of him I more and more thought about it and it certainly is possible, just not too flexible altogether and it’s too much of a gimmik to waste any time on him…I’ll make so many more, no need to worry about this one… :stuck_out_tongue:



Fake Smiles
How can you explain 3 points, if almost everyone is saying how amazing this work is.
Shake these fake smiles away - see - I never wear one.

From me 5 points. 3 points are unfair to your artwork and many others. Very good piece in overall, very good execution, a bit problems with textures.
Very original work.


Well… fake smiles!!! and so why you think so?!
every work transmits some emotion…live the textures or other… and put some sentation in every work…maybe this is no a very big work but if the guys have nice consideration for this…

I dunno if my english is very well…But this is my modest council.



Taron! Taron! Taron!

Always happy to see what comes out of your genius yet crazy brain.
This is a freaky image for sure. But it makes me smile. That googly eye rules.
I look forward to seeing it in print in the book.

I also love the story of this poor mer-man. :slight_smile:

p.s. Did you get inspired for some ideas for future characters from the people at that pizza place last night? lol


Love to see some humour in your creation. Excellent use of colors.


man, he’s uuuuuuuuuugly :slight_smile: Great job on both modeling and texturing :thumbsup: