Merging bones+mocap with bones+skin



I have a FBX model exported from DAZ, skin and bones. I used the bones to import into Mixamo to get some MoCap, downloaded the bones with MoCap.

Is there a way to attach the new bones to the original t pose skin?

PS: I tried many things to get a FBX of DAZ Genesis 8 to be imported to Mixamo but wasn’t successful.



If the structure is the same, you can use the retarget tag to “puppeteer” the skinned skeleton.


Your cant import bones into Mixamo, it only excepts 3d objects? The mixamo mocap data works best with its own rig. Trying to retarget daz rig to mixamo rig will most likely not work. The retarget needs some more comparability features. Even the mixamo rig for the c4d character is not compatible with a mixamo mocap. I wish Maxon use the method that Modo has for retargetting where visual lines are shown between the mocap and target rig to show what bones are matched, and for the ones that are not you can drag n drop one bone to another to connect it. Another issues with the retarget is if the rig has a different joint orientation your rig will fold in half. Im sure there are dedicated mocap files for daz figures out there?