Merge Objects -> Rigging


Hi there,

I’ve imported a model made up of many parts that are separately selectable in XSI.
Just wanted to know if there’s a best way of merging all the parts
so they deform as one under a rig.

So trying to bring a lot of objects together to deform together once rigged.
Would appreciate.


there’s a command called merge, and the ppg of that tool has options for transfering attributes of the parts like UVs etc. That’s pretty much all you need, just make sure you get the tolerance right so that you won’t have disconnected but overlapping edges or lose points in a merge with a tolerance too high.


Thanks Jaco I’ll make sure to give that a try.


Merge is working great.

One last question, what about breaking a mesh into different objects in XSI?
Is it possible and is there a recommended way?
Would love to know.


Have you tried Poly.Mesh> Extract Polygons? There are two different commands (Keep) and (Delete). One will keep the selected polys on the original mesh while making a new object from the selection and the other will delete the selected polys from the original mesh while making a new object from the selection.


Yeh that was it thanks.
And it preserves uv’s and works with GATOR my two main concerns.
So great stuff :thumbsup:


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