Mercury, Cornelius Dämmrich (3D)


Title: Mercury
Name: Cornelius Dämmrich
Country: Germany
Software: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

It has been a while. From geniuses about artificial curtains to ancient rooms, filled with wires, screens and remainings from past days. That piece was an itch inside my head, not willing to give me rest for almost 5 weeks. now i can go sleep.

hope you like it.


You’ve got one great lighting set up here— beautiful render, love the details–Amazing piece! Good Job!:thumbsup:


Amazing indeed!! Awesome lighting, composition and mood! *****stars!


This image cries for a human being, great mood mann. Zuupa’!


Yeah, I like everything about this, credible sci-fi and great composition, mood and lighting as said before :slight_smile:


Impressive lighting!!! Great Job dude.


Great detail and lighting! Nice work :thumbsup:


Really nice! There’s so much mood and backstory implied. I love the power-strip attached to the case. It’s like the ultimate nerd-cave.


I love this style so much. The lighting is frickin fantastic, and I completely dig the texture you made for the floor. Man this piece is itching for a (human) character though…


nice atmosphere


everything is very well executed, can we see a breakdown like a wireframe/shaded etc?


WOW this’s Awesome

Well done

I love it


So inspiring!! Amazing 6/5!!!

Reminds me of Mass Effect somehow…

So cool! Today I’m just WOW on every uploaded new image here in the forums!


sure :slight_smile:

I’m very glad you like it :slight_smile:


Fantastic work man, amazing atmosphere and the cat is such a great touch, inspired…


Really nicely done. When I look closer at the desk and the items and the small lights it feels more generic. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but when I look at this photo I feel like I want to learn whos living there, how is is living there, what more could I get about this person by looking at his things? Unfortunately the generic items don’t help.


I love your style! Your previous piece immediately came to mind the minute I saw this.

Lighting here is top notch! The color palette and mood in this is right up my alley.
I especially like the design of the room. It really looks like a plausible near future room.

I would really love to see a composition breakdown of this.


:smiley: Great lighting and texturing…Love the floor texture…the only problem i feel is cat…looks like some hard surface to me…Overall looks very much realistic…:slight_smile:

Keep it up.


I’m loving this. Nothing to crit for me, everything’s on the level. Great sci-fi atmosphere and style. Oh and… KITTY!!!


It reminds me of your previous project, it is same style… but I think this one is way better. Great work!