Mercedes Benz CL 2006 Paris Motorshow - Galerie der Medien


Hi everyone,

this is finally out of NDA and we're allowed to show it :) 
This was used for the presentation of the new CL-Class on the Paris Motorshow.
It was shot in Norway and all PostPro (3d/compositing/colorcorrection) was done here in Munich. 
All 3d was  done in 3dSMax with Vray, Compositing with d2's NUKE and Colorcorrection in Iridas framecycler DI.
We are preparing an explaining version that will explain wich shots were real and wich were partly or fully CG. There's quite a lot of Set-Replacements and Set-Extensions as well as full CG Cars and Sets.

Involved Crew for the Post-Poduction:

Joachim Lincke : Art-Direction, Lead Compositing and ColorCorrection
Thorsten Kaufmann (that would be me:P) : Head of 3D, Tracking
Christian Stoeckl : Shading Packshot and Interior (borrowed from Mackevision :D)
Jens Vollrath :  3D (My Left Hand and savior :P)
Jan Kiesel : Compositing, Stitching, Mattepainting

Jan Dubberke : Compositing, Mattepainting
Fikret Yildirim : 3d
Vladan Subotic : 3d

Now here comes the Fun :

[Final Spot - Quicktime 7 - 720x404 (PAL 16:6) - 164,1mb](

Mirror: Final Spot Pal Mirror

[Final Spot Small version - Quicktime 7 - 480x230 - 69,3mb](

Mirror: Final Spot Small Mirror

Please Excuse the rather big filesizes, but everthing that was smaller looked pretty damn ugly.

We're also preparing quite some Behind the Scenes stuff. As a small teaser :

Original Footage:

Mirror: Original Footage Mirror
Final Shot:
Mirror: Final Shot Mirror

Kind Regards,



We finally got around finishing the Making-of movie. With 230mb it is pretty big to download, but it is good quality and longer then the original spot. Have fun!

Making of Spot - Quicktime 7 - 720x405 (PAL 16:9) - 227mb


so nice, a very realistic and professional spot, 5 stars :slight_smile:


Wow that was absolutely amazing!
Phantastic and really photorealistic
rendering! Stunning work… 5*


Grand work man! :bowdown: instinct-vfx and this team 4ever 5*


thanks a lot guys, as we were asked a lot in other places here’s some info on what was cg. That’s jsut a quick and rough overview, the breakdown(s) will show in more detail.

There was no Black CL available for Shooting, so every Black CL is Full CG.
The Bridge Shot that shows the Black one overtaking the silver one is completely CG, as well as all the night scenes with the black one. The Packshot (both the rolling and the last one) are also completely CG, as well as the interior nightshot. And then there are a lot of Set Replacements and Extensions like the above Tunnel Shot.



ill cry all links don’t work could u plz post it somewhere else

thx indeed


I just tried them and they all work fine for me. I will prepare mirrors on my personal server in a few hours.



Congratulations !


The Panorama from Shanghai has been used during the Design Part, not in the Packshot, but it was indeed used :slight_smile: Just to be on the safe side i added mirrors for all files.

Kind Regards,


Hi Thorsten ,
I saw that , nice CG work . im thinking about lamborghini Gallardo and MITSUBISHI .


See first post, we finally got around finishing the making-of.



The most realistic moving digital cars I’ve ever witnessed were in your video! I’m blown away, not only by the cars but by the cinematography, lighting, (the tunnel part was awesome) and editing. A perfect commercial I say, not only for Mercedes but for your skills. Congrats and thanks for showing how it was made, it was very inspiring!


I mean man what can I say just tell me what can I say… hehe this is more then cg it is jus incredible how your skills are that huuuuuge!!

i wish I can be like you one time my master!


you people are gods among men. I couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t. Six stars from me, this is profound.



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