Mercedes B-Class Animations


here are some animated parts of a product presentation film we made for this years Motorshow in Geneve.
The movie format is WMV because it worked best for HD (1280x640).

part1 part2 part3 part4 part5 part6

Software used:
3ds max 7

We hope you like it.



:eek: :eek: :eek: Amazing work, so many details…


That was totally wicked:eek:…nice dynamic and style with amazing level of detail.
Seriously, how long did that take?
I bet even if the model was from the CAD that you had to a serious pile of extra work!!

Thanks for sharing this and at that resolution:thumbsup:


wow… out of 10 I think that was like a 25… lol… seriously, amazing work Markus :slight_smile:


Simply amazing…im still in shock. Man…I take my hat off to you. Best work I have seen for a long time.


WoW! Amazing work there! Top notch model and editing! I just looooove that silver to red Mercedes transition through the floor … wicked lol :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


To quote NBA Street:

That was a 316.4

On a scale from one to ten.

Completely flawless in every way, shape and form. I guess it has to be for a professional product like that. The quick camera moves were especially fun. Just amazing, amazing, amazing.

Other than that, it sucked.:wink:


Awesome, best I have seen so far.
On a side note, it would also be nice if you converted those videos into flash for your website.


Very nice work,

 Love the parts showing the interior, just amazing...:bowdown:
 Too bad it's an ugly car :banghead:


Hey, I just had to post… your work is incredible. I don’t see a single flaw and I love the video transitions ( from real to almost real ) ! You’re inspiring :slight_smile:


One word. This should be blugged. I am not a big fan of Car stuff but this is amazing.

Would you be interested to share some information about materials you used?


that’s cool ya. i said nothing about that car. :bounce: cool cool.


[color=red][color=white]saw this over on the vray forums, this is really a nice piece of work the rendering quality is out standing and the way the shots are animated are nicely done - makes me wanna buy a Mercedes[/color][/color] :smiley:


This is better then best… this is Weltklasse!

Every other Car visualisation i’ve seen up to now is put to shame by this work.
I really wanna know how long it took to do it and how your pipeline worked.

Normally such perfection is only achieved with a lot of time and money… :slight_smile:
Also another great Showcase for the Power of Vray.

Habt ihr noch mehr davon?
Argh, jetzt bin ich süchtig. :slight_smile:


Woo talk about realism. Thats totally wicked!:applause:


I really not into cars and stuff, but this is damn good visual effects, the detail in the car was great!



That is really good, is it gonna be used in an ad or something, heh.

Looks damm good. It should have been a single file instead.


great works i like it, exellent work ang very good compositing, SHAKE IS GOD!!!


brilliant work dude… stunning and amazing. loved the execution.
a little info on your shader and lighting setup would be really helpful… good work…


This is just amazing, the details are great, Markus great work