Mercedes 540k, Oliver Bierling (3D)



I thought it was a picture. :confused:

Excellent work, virtually perfect! :expressionless:

Viva la Cinema 4D! :thumbsup:


…man it’s really amazing…a very nice piece of work…really cool.


pretty good!!


Wowee!:buttrock: :applause: :drool:


hey olli!

nice work - indeed,…
but anyway i guess you should have better listened to me about blurring the thing a bit and maybe do some CC and add some grain and so on…

nevermind. i do like it anyway… can´t wait to see your next car!



very nicely done, lovely image… the AA/compression doesnt do it any favors though :confused:

but then again because of the complex scenery for the car to reflect it makes it tougher to anti-alias/makes it look a bit messy and distracting

overall though, great render


apology for the bad image quality, with the next picture, I become more on it respect!

thanks for your helpful comments


i think this one should be frontpage


hey man, this is a really awesome piece of work! Would like to see wires a screeshot of the lightsetup, too! … Close to perfection - what about frontpage for this wonderfull car?? :bounce: … 5 from me :smiley:

keep on rocking,


woah… thats amazing. You’ve done an amazing job. I’m a newb, and although I use Max and not Cinema4d, what you’ve made is something I can aspire to be.


wonderfull rendering

Would you like to see 2D CHALLENGE City concepts and process


amazing, masterful, damn good and whatever else ;D … 5 ***** from me :slight_smile:



nice modeling and shading :thumbsup:

but try a perspective that´s not so centeredly. in relation to the background the car seems to be a bit too large. nevertheless 5***** for the rarely content/ car.


First class Cinema 4D work, man! 5 stars.


Excellent piece of work


:bounce: ouaW very fantastic !!! great job :wink:


wow, perfect.



awesome work!! as much as I like modern car renders, It’s great to see something retro and different like this-well done


C4D??? Maxon would be interested to have this :wink: Submit it to the gallery.

Really nice work.


Good Oliver!
See the solid once decorous reflection center glorious ever,
Fine work.
Christmas happiness!