Mercedes 540k, Oliver Bierling (3D)


Title: Mercedes 540k
Name: Oliver Bierling
Country: Germany
Software: CINEMA 4D

That is my last finished project. I would like gladly to know like it you pleases? I provided it with cinema4d, amount to with an easy rework with paintshop, the work time 3 weeks, because I out-modelled many details like also the interior.
I would appreciate critiques and comments!


Beautiful model and nice integration. Good work :thumbsup:


Good model and even better reflections. I like it very much!!! Car seems a little big for compared with the road but composition as it is, is very good.


the model kicks asses :wink:
Really damn nice work!


Whoa, kickass work. The detail is amazing, great work!!!


very nice modelling,and composition!

have you used hdri?
4from me.


thx! no hrdi used…the reflections ar from planes… around the car


Masterpeace !!! :bounce:


its GREAT!


Wonderful work, really nice model.:thumbsup:


Holy crap!!! I am not impressed often with cars and the redering of them but this one is amazing!!!

Awesome work!

Can I see the wires somewhere…?


Hats off to you, this looks immaculate!


This really really incredible… awesome render quality


Very impressive
The chromes are perfect! I think it should be a little environment reflection on the front glass.
If you are saying that you have spend a lot of time modelling the details of interrior then you should attach image showing this. I can’t wait to see that


Great render and comp. It looks almost totally real.

The “almost” is the anti-aliasing. It’s way ragged and jaggy. If not for that I would not be able to tell this was CG.

Good work!


very nice,brilliant work man…love modeling rendering every thing, can u show wire and light setup plz


very grandiose…:thumbsup:


incredible work, congratulations:thumbsup: , the atmosphere its great…


Considering all those fancy futuristic or sport cars usually modelled, this one is a pearl… I like it, not just from the technical POV (of course the model and compositing are superb) but also simply the way it looks… and it does look beautiful to me.


Well done, 5 star!