Mentor - games - hardsruface


Hi All,

I am in need of a paid mentor in the industry that knows there stuff. Hard surface and designing for games.
I will pay for your time helping me.

I wanted to take the online gnomon Props and Weapons for Games online class but- I am afraid to be disappointed. I reached out to some killer artist that work in the field on art station and no one gets back to me. I was mainly looking at artist that worked on BF1 or Call of Duty. I currently work at EA as a Sr designer and am looking to get deep into 3d.

I already know more then the basics but would like to buy time from someone who has real time experience and can help me get really good.

I would pay for your time.

if you know anyone please reach out.

link to class:


You should consider Grant Warwick’s course:


That looks very interesting. Looks like tips on and tricks by the artist.
Did anyone purchase it and think it’s a good idea.

I am looking for someone that can help me grow my 3d skills and help me in creating an asset for a game and from there on out I can apply that and keep making items for my portfolio.

I would really like to create a gun for a game like BF1 or COD.


Emailed many hard surface modelers and no emails back. Guys must be busy with no time for me :frowning:
As much as I would like to take the gnomon class I think it will only touch on things and not really give me what I need.

Have not seen any students online talk about there experience of taking online gnomon classes.


How much experience do you have with modeling? Have you created your own weapons already?

Modeling clean hard surface is all about basic techniques:

If you already have that skill then you need to work on baking maps on low poly models / texturing.


Thank you. This has been great as reassurance that I am going about things in the right way.


Thanks for the link Psyk0


I feel like mastering fusion360 and later taking my modes into maya for low poly modeling.
I also want to get a pc laptop for on the go. Tired of mac.