Mentalray + Layered Shaders +GI



I am having really big troubles with Mentalray GI + Layered shaders, apparently they defenitely ignore photons when rendering,so all objects which have layered shaders are not affected by GI ,Final gather works ok,though…

My question is for anyone who has find a nice solution to this ,using MR shaders,or other workarounds for not having to use Layered shaders.

I think this is a real shame ,hope alias sortes in next update



You could use the standard mr mix8 shader or better francescaluce’s mix8layer, cause this has much more features than that standard mess.


I have installed this MR shader mix8layer its really pretty cool and should work great for my purpose, now i need to know how to link this shader to the photon map system in maya cause it is not affected by photons in the renders.

Please if anyone knows how to link a MR shader to the photon map system so it can be affected by photons in the render i would aprecciate a lot!



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